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June 26, 2007

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Discussion Topic: The Nuge, Love Him or Hate Him?

Ted Nugent never seems to sit on the fence with any of his opinions. And no one seems to sit on the fence with their opinion of The Nuge. But according to this Press & Sun-Bulletin story there’s “more than meets the eye,” to the Motor City Madman. While he is “reviled by some,” “charity work and family life are behind [his] wild persona.”

Check out the full article and tell us what you think of the Nuge.


adirondack almanack

Yeah... the Nuge... what a family man. Just check out those lyrics:

"That Nadine, what a teenage queen
She lookin' so clean, especi'lly down in between; what I like

She come to town; she be foolin' around
a puttin' me down as a rock-and-roll clown
It's all right

Wang Dang Sweet Poontang

Wang dang, what a sweet poontang
a shakin' my thang as a rang-a-dang-dang in the bell

She's so sweet when she yanks on my meat
Down on the street you know she can't be beat
What the hell

Wang Dang Sweet Poontang"

Uncommon Sense

Adiron-dork: you got something against poontang?


Good promoter for hunters rights, but as far as his TV show----not so good. I have personally watched him neck shoot some little animal over in Africa, then claim a "perfect heart shot"--even in the hero shot, you could see clearly the hole the broadhead left--both holes. Also saw it in slow motion, so there was no doubt. I know that videos don't always tell it like it is, but come on dude, you must think we are stupid.


Need anyone say anything more to the comments above? You guys deserve each other.

The only comment I have regarding Nugent is that he is a total phony, fake and a blowhard! Not to mention a joke. I just hope the non-hunting public realize that he doesn't represent the majority of the sportsmen out there.If this guy is any role model for our outdoor sporting youth, God help us all.


the nuge is a legend. in music and hunting. hopefully he will inspire future hunters


Listening to him talk about hunting makes me want to go hunt.

Listening to him talk politics makes me want to move to Canada.


The Nuge occassionally makes some valid points, then sabotages them with a lot of immoderate ranting and raving, meanspirited belittling of nonhunters, and a whole lot of BS. I don't know him personally. He may be sincere; he may not be. For our sport, I'd say de isn't all bad, but he certainly isn't all good.
Sometimes the view from the fence offers the closest approximation of the truth.


Ted Nugent is out spoken, and people don't know how to handle that. Sure some of his music MIGHT be a little too much for the general public but it sells and brings in the money. You have got to look at his work with the MIlitary, and the Children, and his position with Crime and the Government(funny how the last two are together(?).)Nobody is perfect, but I don't see anybody else in the business that is doing as much for America and the outdoors as Ted. I look up to him and respect him and his work, and if he ever comes to Ohio, we'll go hunting and bash PETA as a family.


Ted is Ted know other celeberty will put thier career on the line the way he doses, he has brought more youth into this great sport than anyone else has and he stands for what he believes in, do i always agree with his methods or speech no but his heart is in it 150% which is more than most who only complain and bitch about those that put forth the effort, so thanks TED and givem hell with the truth ,


I don't agree with everything the Nuge does or says. However, he is doing a lot of things to promote the outdoors, hunting, gun ownership, etc. not just talking about it - which is alot more than his critics are doing.


Wang Dang!! He'd been something of a wild rock'n'roller with a national following for well over a decade by 1977 when that was released... and disco was rolling. He was into hunting then, anti-drug then. If he were old, he'd be called a grumpy old man -- but wild. Since then, he's had a lot of living, maturing (it hasn't made him less over-the-top, but its in there), and has tried to give something back [one of the best definitions of a "conservationist" that I've seen is someone who restores more than what they've taken].

I don't know I've seen him belittle non-hunters; surely he's belittled antis.

More to the point: he is anti-apologetic. Somehow that seems refreshing. Its sort of like the old "Happiness is a warm gut pile." IN the old days, when one-in-seven hunters harvested (meaning the average hunter had to wait 7 yrs to get a deer), that shirt meant something only a hunter could appreciate. But it is considered very bad taste to let a non-hunter see something like that. Somehow such a shirt doesn't communicate the sober respectability that many hunters hope to communicate to folks who don't think much about where their maccy-D burgers come from. Maybe we should put effort into being respectable -- particularly, we should express sincerely a respect for the animals we kill. But we shouldn't be apologetic. Ted Nugent rubs our noses in it -- which I think is a good thing.

I figure we don't need to take home everything he says, but we are likely better for listening to it -- maybe getting mad at it, maybe figuring out WHY what he said was irritating, maybe hearing something that strikes a chord deep down inside.



Ted did a live interview a few years ago on nationwide radio in Canada. The topic was the cancellation of the Ontario spring bear hunt, and the female inteviewer was clearly not a hunting supporter.

Ted did an excellent job and said all the correct things about hunting, conservation, wildlife management, etc. right up to the end of the 15 minutes where he went WAY over the top with a rant.

He did more damage to the image of hunters with the non-hunting public in those few seconds than the World Wildlife Fund managed in the anti-bear hunt campaign.

A little common sense and diplomacy from Ted would have earned hunters a lot of public support when they needed it. He absolutely blew it.

As John Wayne once said, a big mouth doesn't make a big man.

hollis adams

Tom Seleck,Wayne McRaney and Ted Nugent obviously do not display the same demeanor in public, but they do share the same integrity of their convictions. Too bad there are no other celebrities that will defend my right to hunt and use firearms. I applaud all their efforts even tho ted may use a shotgun when a single shot would do. Stand up and be counted.

Paul (not the above)

Just when ya think the loud mouthed Nuge is going to prove you wrong, he comes through in a BIG WAY! Like I said, "a PHONY and FAKE"! It seems that Mr. Spirit of the Wild is all for canned hunts behind high fences! What a clown this guy is, he doesn't even have the kahunas to denounce them. I refer all you Nuge backers to the F&S exclusive interview on this blog about high fence hunts.Talk about a ignoramus.Ted is a quintessential bubba and barstool biologist. It's time to call a spade a spade.I just hope none of our outdoor youth are using him as a role model. Like I said before,if they are, "God help us all"! Ted wouldn't know the truth if it was staring him in the face.


Back in the early 90's when Ted first started his World Bowhunters club I thought he was pretty cool but over time his views are more and more radical and hard to listen to. Its too bad he spazzes out the way he does sometimes because if he didn't more people would really listen to what he has to say. Is it just me or in that picture is he starting to morph into Charlston Heston???


At least Ted has the balls to stand up for his convictions more than I can say for most of the phoneys one some of these blogs who also may hate Ted because he is a backer of using a crossbow. Ted is Conservative and so am I I do not see any phoney liberals standing up for my gun rights like Ted and Selleck do. Most folks that have passionate views do tend to make the other side think they are on a rant. Too bad live with it. Not really a Nugent fan musically but I give him credit for being a huge guitar talent and a star who supports the military and wants to help children. I see nothing wrong with that. Jason you want to go to Canada nothing is stopping you though I suspect they are getting tired of America's disatisfied who do not have the guts to fight for this country or will not support it. Walt what was wrong with Charlton Heston? We must have some NRA haters here? With out them we would not have any gun rights.

Ted himself has a handle on how phoney his detractors are.

Ted Nugent: More than meets the eye
Charity work, family life are the flip side of rocker's wild persona

The Associated Press

Ted Nugent kept on his hunting hat last January when he performed at Texas Gov. Rick Perry's Inaugural Ball.


* Who: Ted Nugent with special guest Alex Winston

* When: 8 p.m. Monday (doors open at 6 p.m.)

* Where: Magic City Music Hall, 365 Harry L Drive, Johnson City.

* Tickets: $25 advance, $30 day of show; available at the Magic City box office or online through ticketweb.com.

* Details: 729-2323; www.magiccitymusichall.com

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By Sarah D'Esti Miller
Press & Sun-Bulletin
Ted Nugent is a rock star whose hits include "Journey to the Center of the Mind," with the group Amboy Dukes; the chartbusting "High Enough" with Damn Yankees, and his own classics such as "Stranglehold," "Cat Scratch Fever" and the cult fave "Fred Bear."

He's also a magnet for controversy.

Nugent is not shy about his stand on guns (he's currently serving his fourth year on the National Rifle Association's board of directors), hunting (among Nugent's New York Times bestsellers is "Kill it and Grill It," which he co-authored with his wife, Shemane) and his support of conservative causes.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's talk of "shared prosperity" and her idea to "take those profits" from oil companies sounds an awful lot like "redistribution of wealth" to Nugent, and he isn't afraid to say so -- often with expletives. It's no surprise that this pheasant hunter knows how to ruffle feathers.

"I love this experiment in self-government and I am participating, whether you like it or not," Nugent said in a phone interview while spending the day with his son, daughter and grandson.

"I couldn't be prouder to stand on the side of logic, goodwill, decency, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Ten Commandments, the golden rule and a sense of the ethical spirit to be productive instead of otherwise."

And, boy, is Nugent productive. In addition to a music career that has spanned decades (he just released his 35th album, "Love Grenade"), Nugent has hosted four outdoors-oriented TV shows that have all been hits and is about to start a fifth.

In addition to his bestselling books, Nugent currently writes for more than 40 publications, and has won the James Fenimore Cooper Award for writing and promoting America's outdoor heritage. His conservation efforts led to his being named Michigan Conservationist of the Year.

He has been appointed Ambassador for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and for the Pass it On! Outdoor Mentors Program. For Nugent, it's about family and giving back, as much-- or even more-- than it's about the music.

"Quality of life begins with the genuine quality time and love amongst family which fortifies you and drives you on an intellectual level to give back, and the Nugent family is dedicated to so many charity activities right now, the most important being youth charities for children with tragic health conditions, and the military charities, helping out the great warrior heroes of the United States military who sacrificed so much," he said.

"Those charities drive pretty much every day of our lives and every day we give back as much as we can and join all those generous Americans who do so.

"And that gives you an incredible sense of positive energy, and that ends up coming out of my guitar and people start dancing. It really is a beautiful circle."

For Nugent, however, being a lightning rod for controversy isn't without its down side. He tells of a recent interview in which he is misquoted as saying "All my music heroes are white."

"I always exalt and celebrate the black heroes of my music and I state very clearly that I have no white musical heroes; they are all black. I say that actual sentence. ... I went on and on and on. Every black influence that I celebrate. Dear God in heaven. How can you get it that wrong?"

Nugent isn't angry so much as amused. In fact, what amuses him the most about the criticism he gets is what he isn't criticized for.

"My critics are in such a scramble to find fault with my stand on self-defense, my stand on balancing deer herds, my stand in supporting the war on terror, that they are missing all of the really good substantial criticisms that exist of me out there," he said.

"There are plenty of things that I have blown in my life and my critics are so fogged by the silliness of their leftism that they have missed all of the good criticisms. And so be it."


The only thing Nuge has going for him IS his music! Just another brainwashed, NRA Kool-Aid drinker rant! They are much like the moth I seen the other day sitting by the campfire. Can't resist the light. Instead of flying away from the light,it flew into it.


jh45gun; what I meant was that he's starting to look like him ,nothing against Heston or the NRA god bless them both!


Look, the man supports the outdoor way of life, gun rights, and a slew of ideals that sportsmen deal with on a daily basis. Nobody says you have to love or hate him, but everyone is able to see his point of view on at least one subject and can see that he comes at ya full bore in his beliefs. That doesn't mean you have to agree with him...just respect the voice bringing you the opinion.


ted nugent is not a hunter, a sportsman, or a spokesman for either. what he is is a poor pathetic shell of what use to be a man before years of drug abuse clouded him into thinking that high fence hunting is right.. the ultimate predator, as he calls himself, needs lessons on how to be a real sportsman.


Jessie do your research Ted does not do drugs never did nor does he do alcohol. your right to disagree with him or even bash him but get your facts straight before you do. Paul are you a gun user? If so you can thank the NRA you still have them if not for the NRA some liberal puke of a politician would have made your right to have them a heck of a lot more difficult. I think some of you folks that have found this blog are not even sportsmen or hunters, Just trolls making trouble.


You my friend are a Kool-Aid drinker of the finest caliber. Your so brainwashed you acually believe that if it wasn't for the NRA and Ted(bubba)Nugent we wouldn't have guns? That is the big lie! Did you ever hear of the term wedge issue? That is exactly what abortion and gun rights are to the politicans! What DON'T you understand about political maneuvering?! It goes down on both sides, both political parties use it,and you are living proof it works. Neither the NRA or The Nuge has made it a priority to protect public hunting or fishing grounds or protect public fish and wildlife habitat. Quite the opposite,they campaign for and fund politicans that are willing and are falling over themselves to sell the land use rights of our wildlife habitat to the highest bidder! Instead they both engage in a dog and pony show that some sportsmen watch like wide-eyed children. Why should they care? They got theirs! And judgeing from your posting, you're broken from the same mold. Just because you have a hard time knowing when people are blowing smoke up your a$$, doesn't mean I do. I've been hunting for over 25 years.You name it, I've probably hunted it in my state.Because I don't agree with the NRA and Nuge rhetoric doesn't make me a trouble maker. Of course that's what they called our founding fathers, so maybe I should consider that a compliment.


I would like to thank Field and Stream for shedding light on Nugents true character.

Ole Ted has been advocating against conservation for years now, by favoring high fence hunting on private lands and campaigning aqainst wilderness and wild areas. But don't take my word for it, read Ted's congressional testimony on why wilderness areas are bad for hunting (he couldn't be more wrong as the nation's best big game hunting habitat is roadless non-motorized public land)



I can't believe that people actually believe that Ted's rants can be considered "activism". Every time he opens his mouth I cringe at all the bad arguments he uses to support good causes. Unfortunatly even a child can find faults in his arguments. The problem is not the cause, but the way that he tries to defend the cause. Come on, is this what we've fallen to for a hero to defend hunting?

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