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June 04, 2007

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Breaking News: Monster Pig’s Real Name Was Fred

The internationally reported story of Jamison Stone’s 1,051-pound “Monster Pig” has been met with more than a half-ton of skepticism. Last month, when we posted a link to the original website reporting the kill (monsterpig.com), your responses poured in.

Some of you were believers:
--Nice pig, 
all you idiots out there who are jealous, shutup!!!!!

--I bet you unbelieving jack----- think there is a shooter on the grassy knoll and that there really is a UFO in the World Trade Center photos. God you people are morons.

Most of you figured the now-famous, hero-shot photo was doctored.
--Either that kid is 3 feet tall and weighs 45lbs, or the picture is doctored. I have bulls in my pasture that wont make a boy look that little.

And lo and behold, many of you suspected was has now turned out to be the truth:
--People are feeding these domestic hogs out and killing them and all of you are acting like it is a trophy. . . . I grew up on a hog farm in Alabama, I have seen wild and domestic hogs; hogs don’t get that big in the wild. Bottom line: I am not taking away from the kids kill, but it is not a “wild” hog. Sorry.

--Feral pigs don't get that big. That pig may have "escaped" from a farm, but probably only recently.

Late last Thursday, one Rhonda Blissitt called The Anniston Star newsroom. “I didn't want to stir up anything,” she said. “I just wanted the truth to be told. That wasn't a wild pig.” In fact, it was her pet, Fred, given to her by her husband as a Christmas present in 2004 and sold to the Lost Creek Plantation four days before Stone killed it.

“If it went down in the record book, it would be deceiving” Blissitt told the Star, “and we'd know that for the rest of our lives.”

According to Mike Stone, Jamison’s father, they were told it was a feral hog, and hunted it under that assumption. Check out the full story here.



That poor kid has to be devestated. Thw way that is father made a spectical of it and now for this news to break. I hope he doesn't feel to disheartened.

As far as the guide goes, Shame on him for trying to sell this hunt off as one for a real feral pig. As far as I am concerned the the blame falls on him for his dishonesty.


Made a spectical of it? If your son shot a hog that big that you believed and were told was a feral hog, you'd make a spectical of it also. It's called having pride in your son!


Pride in your son?


So why did the dad sabotage the whole thing, wreck his kid's credibility and embarass the whole family by repeatedly denying that he doctored up the photos?

Absolute proof of photo altering is here:

For the rest of his life, it'll be "Jamison Stone? Oh right, the fat little redneck who got caught lying. Oh and something about shooting someone's pet pig..."

Y'know, the kid is NOT blameless here. He KNEW he was posing 10 feet behind the pig in order to dupe people into thinking it was way bigger. The kid also KNEW that his father was photoshopped out of the other photo. Yet he went along with it.

Sounds like just an all-around sleazy little redneck family that was just not bright enough to pull off this silly hoax.

Big Luke

I have some questions for Mr Stone:

If you've, as you claim, been honest all along about this event, why has Smith and Wesson yanked their sponsorship off your site? Also why has the "Legend of Hogzilla Movie" withdrawn their offer of a part in the movie for Jamison, and removed all mention of him from their website?

Finally, why are you continuing to deny that the photos were altered, especially in the face of absolute, irrefutable proof that they were photoshopped?


This whole story is just another crock of **** brought to us by that wonderful group of businesses that caters to those who are not capable to hunt anywhere but inside a fence,"The American Fenced Amimals For Your Shooting And Story Telling Pleasure Association" not by any means to be confused with your plain ol ethicnal hunters and non-storytellers. We as ethicnal hunters are so proud of you all!! Thanks for attempting to make all hunters look as selfish,greedy, and bubba-ish as you've done for yourselves.


Well said Walt.


More inital "supporters" are running for the hills to distance themselves from the Stone shysters.

Southeastern Tropy Hunters, who guided the "hunt", initially bragged about it on their "News" page. Google's cache shows it, here:

However, a peek at the News section now reveals that they have quietly deleted all mention of "monster pig".

I'm betting all mention of Southeastern Tropy Hunters will be gone from the monsterpig.com site by day's end.

Jay's Dad

Mike Stone, why isn't Jamison scheduled to be in the Hogzilla movie anymore?

Did they withdraw the invite b/c of the doctored photos?

Henry L.

Latest stupid quote from Mike Stone (complete with his characteristic bad grammar):

"Hey news writers, if you are standing a little taller after Jamison's story, look down it is because your standing on his shoulders. That's Ok he is after all a big kid for 11."

Standing TALLER?? WHAAAT? Any reporter that filed this story without checking his facts has major mud on his face and a LOT of explaning to to to his editor? What an arrogant, obnoxious piece of lard Mr. Stone is.

p.s. Wow, Stone finally said something true: His son IS, in fact, big. As in a fat, disgusting lardass.


I'm not surprised at all that this pig was not feral. I'm surprised that so many people thought it was. I guess not everybody is around hogs that much to know that A] feral hogs don't grow that big B] those ears on the pig show that it is a domestic pig and C] large feral hogs don't just show up out of the blue in a fenced in area unless it is in ill repair. I don't find fault in the kid and there is no need for name-calling but I can't see any strong moral character in the father's actions surrounding this canned hunt.


I can not believe some of the comments some of you made in regards to an ELEVEN YEAR OLD KID! This whole thing has been a fiasco and if anyone did not do anything wrong it is this kid. You want to make fun of his dad. OK. You want to bitch about the good for nothing preserve. Ok. But leave the kid out of it.

Neal Lambert

I am an Alabama native,a lifelong hunter, living temporarily in England. Imagine my chagrin to find this "monster pig" story being used as fodder on a English late-night comedy show. Luckily most people here have no clue about the suffering involved as the animal was randomly blasted for three hours. That kid might not have known better, but the father, the guides, and the plantation owner seem to be adults without ethics or shame. "Canned hunts" such as these threaten to turn the public against hunting. That "hunt" was deemed to be legal in Alabama because that animal was classified as domestic livestock, and that "hunt" was livestock slaughter. The pig was slaughtered, as was the public image of hunting.


I agree that this hog is domestic, but if you think that picture was photoshopped, you are crazy. Ive seen domestic hogs that can make a grown man look that small.

Tammie Henderson

As a fellow Alabama hunter I am ashamed that this had to happen in my state. This kid can't be blamed for his Father's actions, poor judgment or plain stupidity. His father made hunters everywhere look bad. After this I am sure the kid will never hunt again and be emotionally wrecked. High fence hunting is a joke, it’s what my friends and I call rich-lazy-can't really-hack-it hunting. I in no way defend what happen but when the news came out that the hogs name was 'Fred', I hung my head even lower. This seems to be an attempt at making the hog a 'pet'. Anyone who knows anything about animals is that no matter how nice and friendly an animal may act, it still has 'wild' natural instincts and could at any time act upon them. So I don't wanna hear anyone crying because somebody shot Wilbur, or Miss Piggy, or Porky!


What ever happened to hunting ethics ?


the only wrong thing here is that it was a canned hunt. and all these northerners stop calling us morons because we are always actually outside doing something while you sit in your nice little cozy office buildings whining that that we are always doing something wrong. and yes i am a redneck and darned proud of it!

haha, believe me, you are not the only redneck on here


Mr. Stone, at long last, have you no decency? That poor child is a victim of you...social services should have a good, long talk with you; you are f*cking up his life, big time. Shame on you, sir. So sad.


not sure all you guys are
true sportsmen or murderers.
seems its fun with you guys spillin blood without a cause.

nice pig but like all you "hunters" you couldnt tell the truth behind the hunt.

Donald Green

According to kim on June6,2007 these photos are doctored, well kim I don't think you would know doctored ohots if you seen them. I live about 7 miles fron where this kill was made and I know for a fact that I have seen hogs bigger in the wild than you can pen raise one. So let the kid have his fame. Sorry you will never have this kind of luck.
Don Green

Don Green

John on June 9,2007, what do you know about sportsmanship? I doubt if you get up off the couch and know the difference. I would have shot it as well, MAYBE quicker. Go back to sleep......

Bill Farrell

Poor Don is apparently living on Planet Neptune because the rest of us here on Earth know that Photoshop isn't even the issue anymore. It was already proven to be a farm raised pig. No matter whether or not there are pigs that big in the wild, this particular pig came off a farm just days before the canned hunt and was shot in an enclosed area. Ohhhh, how sportsmanlike! Not exactly something I'd want to be famous for.

donald johnson

now im a man of70 years im 6feet tall a littlle over and weigh 240 lbs what i want to know is let me say im not a pro hunter but i do have a fiew guns and eat up with dum ass but i would hesitate to go and shoot a s w pistol of that calaber a 500 and u tell me a kid 11 yrs just up and shoots it i have seen one and its big

Rhonda Roland Shearer

Exclusive Monster Pig Update: Grand jury to investigate 'monster pig' kill!

Alabama boy and hunt organizers to answer for possible cruelty charges

Who will speak up for Jamison?

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