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June 29, 2007

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Bald Eagle Is Officially De-Listed

In what the National Audubon Society is calling “one of the greatest conservation success stories in U.S. history,” the bald eagle has officially recovered, from a population low of just 417 breeding pairs in the continental US in 1967 to some 10,000 pairs today.

From the Washington Post:

The federal government today removed the bald eagle from its list of threatened and endangered species, capping a 40-year comeback for the national icon that showed that disappearing creatures are not always lost.



thats great

Matt Mallery

I'm gald the numbers are up, but I fear delisting is a tactic by the Bush cronies to open up new wildlife areas to plunder.

Sherrill Philip Neese

So does this mean we can start shooting them now? I'd love to have some eagle feathers!

(Just kidding) ;-)

Legal Beaver#1

By de-listing the Bald Eagle, it is now under state protection,which I believe will serve to protect this "scavenger" well.

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