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May 21, 2007

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Montana Ranch Owner Offers Elk Hunts to Disabled Vets

Just a few weeks ago, Florida native David Lee purchased a 30,000-acre ranch in eastern Montana that boasts some of the best elk hunting in the state. He was apparently planning to use it for his own purposes, until something struck him. “My wife and I were over at the River City Grill and I was reading the newspaper about one of the guys locally who had fallen in Iraq,” Lee told The Missoulan. “Whether you agree with this war or not, these guys have put it all on the line for us, and you've got to feel for that. I figured somebody ought to do something for them.”

Lee will offer archery hunts this fall for disabled vets.

“Even for someone who's lost a leg, here's a place where they don't have to chase the elk, the elk will walk by them,” he said. “It's a great opportunity to get a trophy-class animal.”



I commend Mr. Lee and his wife for thinking of and treating American Veterans with the respect and honor that they deserve. My hats off to you,"Sir"!

Brian M.

Mr. & Mrs. Lee, a Vietnam vet thanks you for your support of the guys taking the toll today.


Mr. Lee,

Thank you for thinking of our service people at this time.

I hope everyone that participates kills a whopper.

The old adage of "It is better to give than recieve" is 100% true. However, in this instance I'm quite sure that you will recieve a great blessing in return for your giving.

May God continue to bless you and yours....


Sherrill Philip Neese

This is just excellent!

For someone that can talk most people's ears off, this just leaves me speechless.

Semper Fi,




I would like to say thank you for offering your time and graditude to our military. I have served in Iraq twice with the United States Marine Corps. It's good to see that real American's still exist. In this day and time many of our troops seem to get discouraged with the lack of support from so called American's. It's hard not to keep the war on our minds especially with all the tragic deaths that OUR military is sustaining. Wars are never actually won by politics. It takes military force. When we dropped the first bomb on Hiroshima it wasn't taken too serious. The next bomb that was dropped let them know that we were serious. Soon after that a peace treaty was signed and the war ended. Ok now I'll step down off of my soapbox. Thanks for your support. My prayers go out for the OUR troops. Could you please keep us updated on the Elk hunting? I would like to read about their experiences.

Semper Fi,


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