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May 29, 2007

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giant hog

The latest news about record hogs, wild boar hunting, and more.

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enough already. this story is so old is has whiskers. drop it.


Ha! that guys is like 15 yards behind that hog!


He shoulda donated the hog to The Food Network for an Iron Chef episode.
That would be a heck of a Secret Ingredient Of The Day!

Walt Chapman

I don't know if the picture is "doctored" or not but the people saying that wild hogs cannot get above 500 pounds are wrong. In Siberia, Johnny Miller's uncle shot a much larger than 500 pound hog. Miller owns Bass Pro Shops and probably doesn't have to lie about anything!

Lee Marvin


Johnny Morris owns Bass Pro, not Johnny Miller, you numbnuts.

C R Bennett

Let this kid have his day.
I think a lot are jealous.
This kid isn't lying either. I have hunted a long time and never killed
anything this big. Maybe one day. Way to go kid.

Jake Teichelman

The weight of a hog can be hard to judge. I shot a 250lb hog that looked like it had to be 350 plus. When we got it on the scales it was a different story. this hog may be 500 or a 1000 lbs. How are you going to tell from a picture. If the kid is telling the truth, awsome, congrats and go slay another. If not, the truth will eventually come out. I myself wont loose any sleep either way.


I have hunted for many years and held to the tenet that one should not shoot just because something was a trophy or just big. Rather, combine the original purpose of hunting to provide food for self and family with the sport of acquisition. I have passed up many shots both with rifle and bow over the years. I would have passed on this hog and only shot in self defense.


As you all gripe about the doctored photo, who cares, it was a big pig, and yes a pig that big can walk, and survive quite well, but as for the kid and his gun, find something a little more appropriate, if you cant make the kill clean, then dont take the shot please.


Show me a video of this kid firing that gun sixteen times in a row and then everyone and myself might have different thoughts about the story. Otherwise its just another unbelieavable (with good reason) story.


Anybody ever hunted feral hogs before? Doesn't sound like it. I've seen smaller hogs, hit with .50 cal and magnum loads that didn't drop. What was the kid supposed to do? just walk away? gimme a break - you all (if you're real hunters) Know the unwritten rule. don't leave a wounded animal out there to suffer or cause suffering. As for the game preserve, don't know anything about it but I do know this. Feral hogs don't really care if your fence is high or low or electrified for that matter, they'll go through it if that's their desire. for cryin' out loud, you people need to find something better to do than hammer at a kid for what he did.


Isn't anyone thinking PIG ROAST here?


Two words ... Fair chase? No doubt a big hog. No doubt a cool father-son adventure. A record ... well, let's be honest. Do hogs get this large? Apparently, when they are slopped to size. A wild hog? Well, it was shot in a preserve, where people pay for hog hunts, by the pound ... Leave it. This is no phenomenon. It's a dad, a kid, and a very large socked hog. No more.


Actually Jonny Morris' Uncle shot the hog that Walt is referring to off the back of a 2 1/2 ton truck in Madagascar,Africa. Also the picture is clearly doctored. I grew up in FL in the swamps and the biggest Ive ever seen was 600lbs. Congrats to the kid for a big pig but dont blow smoke up our asses!

DRT 30-06

I agree shot placement is everything. I have taken my last 3 Feral Hogs and 3 Does with a 30-06. All shots from well over a 100yrds. All of them were head shots as well. I agree with Jake T's comment. It should be first to provide food for yourself and family, and the sport behind that. Heck of pig though. My largest was 425lbs out of South Texas. Fed me and my hunting Buds for a long while.

DRT 30-06

Sorry I was refering to DocMay's comment. But Jake T. made a great point as well. Size of Hogs is somewhat hard to judge. And I wont Loose any sleep over it either.


its a tamed hog shot by a kid after it was sold to a meat proceseing plant or something like that. saw it on the news. Owner of the hog says it was nine feet and almost 1000 pounds.



you can see the news articale here


dang nice hog be proud and if its photo shoped u wasted my time



Was as domesticated as they come... the old owner used to feed this hog canned sweet potatoes...and was hunted on a privated hunting preserve where the hog had been released to...


I've never seen a hog that big hope its not photo shopped that would be a shame


i think hogzilla is awsome ive seen my big brother shoot all kinds of things even wild boar the biggest one he ever got was about 400 pounds at least thats what i think butim only 9 im a tomboy to hogzilla is so real and dot caall me names becouse i have a enternet serach system my big brothes name is slade wall


I think that a pig like that is a one in a million shot and if it were me I'd pop a cap in it's forehead.


dude nice hogzilla.it was all just skills man.the meat will last for just about 2 weeks with that big piggy.and everybody who is jealous and give him a nice long brake.nice pig dawg!CONGRATS. oh and nice pistol too.good hunt man............


nice gun man nice hog too!

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