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May 03, 2007

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Do You Have a License for That Python?

"They will take the Everglades over if we don't do something about it," says Florida Sen. Bill Posey, R-Rockledge, who is sponsoring a bill that would require the owners of pythons and other nonnative reptiles to pay up to $100 for a license, according to this story from The Ledger. Officials hope that the need for a license plus the fact that freed pythons are a menace to native animals will convince would-be pet-owners to get hamsters instead.


the pawesome

I'm an avid collector of reptiles and amphibians and I agree with the proposal 100%. I'd even take it a few steps further and say that on top of having a license to house or breed exotic specimens that all pets should be registered and they should have a PIT tag inserted so that if released into the wild and caught by the authorities then it could be traced back to the owner and they would be slapped with a hefty fine. For anyone who doesn't know, a PIT tag is a passive integrated transponder and is about the size of a grain of rice. After being inserted into an animal they can be scanned like a bar code. The natural ecosystem in places like florida is being destroyed by irresponsible pet owners and I think this is the only way to stop it.

Brian M.

Well said. It is the owners responsibility to keep exotics out of the ecosystem.


We need a ban on the exotic pet trade altogether. Not only do these animals wreck havoc on the ecosystem when released in the wild, but the black market pet trade is having a devestating effect on the ecosystems of other nations as well. Also, many of these animals are not properly cared for and get sick or suffer from malnurishment. Wild animals belong in the wild. If you want a pet, go to the dog pound and save a dog from death.

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