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May 15, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Obama? Giuliani? McCain? Who Will Protect Your Guns?

Check out this rundown of where the presidential candidates stand on gun control, from the Miami Herald:

Hillary Clinton: Made gun control a key issue of her 2000 campaign for the U.S. Senate, backing proposals to require the licensing and registering of all new handguns purchased in the United States. . . .

Barack Obama: Said in a radio interview after the Virginia Tech shootings that he supported making it tougher for the mentally ill to own guns, but added, ``I'm respectful of people who want to hunt or sportsmen, somebody who might want to have a gun in the house to protect their home. . . .”

Rudy Giuliani: Lobbied for a federal ban on assault weapons. Criticized southern states as having lax restrictions on gun sales. . . .

John McCain: Voted against background checks at gun shows and a ban on assault weapons. Voted in favor of requiring gun makers and dealers to sell handguns with safety locks.

Read the whole list of 18 candidates at the link above, then tell us: Who as President would do the best job on guns?


Will Becker

None of the above.Fred Thompson is the man.

Bobby from SW FL

i think Hunter and Huckabee are the best.

Bobby from SW FL

i think Hunter and Huckabee are the best.


George W. Bush ! Oh wait, that's right, he IS for an assault weapons ban! I wish there was no such thing as term limits. Then he run again for President. Hurrah! Go W!


Fortunatly Democrats (with exceptions I am sure) have backed off of the gun control issue. I don't think that this will be a seriously persued issue in the upcoming election. That said I think McCain is most aligned with my way of thinking about guns.


I tend to agree with Paul. At this point in time, it doesn't appear that gun control will be a major issue for the candidates with the possible exception of Hillary. What I am more concerned with is the protection and conservation of our hunting and fishing lands and our access to those lands. We as sportsmen and women can't get so caught up in the right to bear arms that we lose sight of the bigger picture.


Wayne, I have to disagree with you. If we lose sight of Second Amendment fight there will no guns with which to hunt on those preserved lands. Hunting isn't a guaranteed right. I would agree with you that preserving public access to land for hunting and fishing purposes is very, very important just not as important as preserving our Second Amendment rights.

Richard Smith


The right to bear arms IS the bigger picture!

Land protection and conservation is important, but the RKBA is more imporatant. It's the one right that makes it possible to preserve all the others.


I guess what I find disturbing is that there are already "gun laws" in place. My question to the candidates would not be about further gun control and additional new laws they would support; it would be why they aren’t enforcing the existing laws. We do not need new laws; just enforce the ones we already have. Do not take away my right to protect my family, my property, or myself! Take the criminals off the street if you want me to feel better! Educate our children and feed the hungry! Make this country strong! Stop sending millions (if not billions) of dollars over-seas when we have people in THIS country that need help! (Gets down off soap box) What we need to lead this country is someone with some common sense. Wishful thinking, I know.

Mike Murphy

I agree totally with Mark's comment! (hands him back his soap box and nominates him for prez)


Why is everyone kidding themselves? Of course gun control issues will be a really big deal in next 4 years. We have to fight on and on, winning over and over. "They" only have to win once!!!


While gun rights are important, they are less threated (by current candidates) than land access. Huntable lands for the common sportsperson are disappearing MUCH faster than guns or gun rights. Get your head out of the magazines and look around at development practices taking over wildlife habitat. It's time to think BIG picture.
This issue ,of course, goes way beyond presidential politics.


I'd have to agree with John. I do see hunting lands shrinking and I don't see any potential presidents working to do massive changes in gun control. For the most part for politicians this is an issue that they have to say they feel strongly on but in the end they don't mess with it. Politicians pick and choose their battles and almost every politician rides a fence on this issue. On the other hand I do see politicians opening up hunting lands for drilling oil and mining coal. Moreso than this I see housing developments and strip malls taking hunting lands away and polluting the rest. Build up not out!


Gun control won't be an issue that the candidates willingly bring up but you better believe if Hilary, and some of the others including Republicans, got in and the Democrats still controlled Congress and/or Senate we would see some onerous gun control bill before too long.

Dr. Ralph

Dr. Ron Paul!!! Vote for a man who will deliver state's rights and run the country by the constitution. www.ronpaul08.com He won the first Republican debate, or the first one I saw on MSNBC!

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