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May 04, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Is This a Black Panther or Mittens?

From an Associated Press story posted on FoxNews.com:

Residents in the rural New Jersey community of Vineland are used to seeing wild turkey, the occasional deer and once in a great while, even a bear.

But reports that a black panther has been roaming the woods have some people worried.

Residents over the weekend reported seeing a large black animal with a long tail walking through the fields and woods. From the look of it, they don't think the feline is a well-fed pet, but a panther.

"I knew by the size that it was not a house cat. . . ,” said Zoe Paraskevas, who . . . said she saw the animal in the field behind her house on Saturday and quickly snapped a picture of it.

Check out the photo and tell us what you think?



It's mittens. And can we please drop the "black panther" and call it for what it is, a black mountain lion? Many people are still under the impression that the black panther is a seperate species and are unaware that mountian lions and jagaurs occassionaly exhibit a melanistic gene that makes their coats black.


Looks like a cow to me

brian bennett

It looks like a bobcat,here in northern pa we have many bobcats and many of those felines have a 9"or10" tail,the color of the cat in the picture does look dark but not black.


I honestly couldn't tell if it was a housecat or not seeing as there is nothing close to compare size to for scale.


Having seen a black cougar in Washington, I would have to guess that it is a young cougar.


from what i have senn of mountain lions here in montana it looks like a young 1 or 1 1/2 year old cougar,panther, or mountain lion.(they are all the same species)


um... why didn't somebody try looking at its tracks?



Matt thats the second dumbass comment you left today! A cow? you dumb as shit

ive shot plenty of them thar house cats in my time but nones of um were dat big. its a couger loin fo sure.


ive shot plenty of them thar house cats in my time but nones of um were dat big. its a couger loin fo sure.

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