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May 31, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Was Monster Pig Kill Legal?

The Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division is now raising questions about how the 11-year-old Jamison Scott’s 1,051-pound feral swine, dubbed “Monster Pig,” got into the 150-acre fenced plantation where it was shot and whether the kill complied with the state’s fair chase laws. From an Associated Press story in The Decatur Daily News:

Violations of the transportation [of game] law are misdemeanors punishable by a $500 fine and 
three months in jail, [AWFFD enforcement chief Allan] Andress said. Penalties for violating the fair chase law range up to $5,000 in fines and one month in jail, according to the state wildlife Web site.

What’s your reaction to this latest development?


Donald Green

I don't think PIGS is all mrs. Blissett is selling in her pen in Cleburne county Alabama

Don Green

Tom sounds like you have done some knuckle dragging yourself, oh well it was probably your sister anyway that you married

Joseph Oaks

I think it is disgusting that an 11 year old boy is already hunting, do you have to respect for the animals put on this earth, they dont do any harm if you just stay away from them and leave them in peace, obviously he is too youung to shoot as he didnt shoot it in the right place, nine times? If you are going to shoot control the amount you shoot and shoot in the right place so it doesnt suffer. Personally I am against hunting as you can see, you really dont need to shoot, its really low that you feel proud for getting the biggest kill, what really does it do? Theres so many other hobbies you can take up without killing animals. You should all be ashamed.

SGT Thayer, James E.

I get very annoyed about the pompous high and mighty and their moral ideas of fare chase. I've been deployed, on field exercises, or in training for every hunting season for the last five years. I don't get to hunt open season dates because I'm too busy defending your freedom. I've only been able to take 9 days off in the last 2 years. My obligations to my wife and child consumed most of that. I was able to go hunting for five hours on two Saturday mornings. If you never get a kill it's not hunting. It is wasting your time. I would love to invest a week into fare chase. Unfortunately for my I don't have a week, I have 3 months of hazard pay saved up. Not everyone has time and fare chase takes time. If a farmer can harvest his live stock, what is the harm in some fool wasting some money to do it and deluding himself by calling it a hunt afterwards? It can be a lot more satisfying than only having sun burn and blisters to show for every hunt for years on end.

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