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May 25, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Should Legislatures Stay Out of Hunting?

What’s the problem with legislators pushing bills that affect hunting? They’re politicians who put their political futures ahead of wildlife welfare, says Chambersburg, PA, Public Opinion guest essayist Stanley Rice.

Proposals to allow baiting for deer, to end the doe season, to allow in-line muzzleloaders during flintlock season, and more are all politically motivated, he argues: “After all, they wouldn't want validated science to get in the way of votes and some cash for the next election cycle.”

Check out the full article, then tell us what you think.


Mike Diehl

Nonsense. Legislatures answer to both political and scientific demands. The decision to create special seasons, for example, for muzzleloaders of any kind was a political decision with scientifically predictable consequences that had to be balanced by other regulations.

And, IMO, that CAN be a good thing if legislators are listening to the advice of G&F departments. Moreover, legislatures are necessary to in some instances obviate the excesses of G&F people when, for example, G&F people with political or ideological motives try to restrict the use of in-line MLs during ML seasons.


I think that the Legislatures should stay out of hunting unless they are hunters themselves.


I think that the Legislatures should stay out of hunting unless they are hunters themselves.


Legislation could potentially be a very positive thing for hunting and hunters. Banning High-Fence killing would be one thing they could definately do. Passing laws to help stop the spread of CWD would be another. Putting an end to the transportation of Elk and Deer from state to state is another. Legislation has the power to do good things. The problem though, is that politics is full of politicians.

Walt smith

Legislatures should really keep their noses out of hunting issues. Number one the only facts they really know are the ones that are told to them. Number two the only time they vote is when someone pays or gives them something in return. These issues should be left up to state dnr's and a vote by the state's conservation officers, people who work with the situations everyday, not a congressman or a senator who's vote can be swayed. I think that public office out to be a NON-PAYED position the the people who hold them would have a whole different attitude and a lot of good ol boys & girls wouldn't be there.

chuck lombaerde

Legislator's should stay out of sound scientific wildlife mgt.
The Legisltor's in PA haven't answered to scientific demand in a long time.They are holding the PGC hostage over the deer mgt.program so the PGC won't get a much needed license increase.Without the license increase more programs will have to be cut.
Right now no schools get the complimentary issue of Game News anymore because of the budget cuts.
Game News is an excellant publication that kids were able to learn from when they go to their schools library.
In the long run it's the Youths that are really being hurt.


If we didn't have legislator's get involved with wildlife management the DNR wouldn't exist and we would have long since hunted most of our game animals to extinction just like we did in the bad-old-days. This is why we have a legislature and why we have laws that define what is sound hunting and what is not.

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