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May 23, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Hunting Vs. . . Dog Fighting?!

From The FanHouse:

Last week [Washington Redskins’ running back Clinton] Portis said Falcons quarterback Michael Vick did nothing wrong even if allegations that he organized a dog fighting ring are true. Then Portis, via the Redskins' web site, issued a statement saying he doesn't condone dog fighting.

Tonight Portis appeared on NFL Network to expand on his thoughts about dog fighting. Although he did reiterate that he wasn't condoning dog fighting, he added, "I think there's bigger issues in the world and in life than what Michael Vick's doing on his own property," and then said, "Hunting is legal."

Lets see, dog fighting is a vicious, depraved competition that barbarians bet on. Hunting is the most sophisticated, honest way to eat. Do you see any connection?


Mike Diehl

"Please just call your local law enforcement officer and ..."

If I ever see it happen I'll drop a dime, because it's the local law. It's not the sort of company that I keep though, so I'll likely never see same. FWIW I voted against a ban on birdfighting in my state; I'm not convinced it's insane or cruel. The "yeas" prevailed however.

But for the fact that this strikes me as more Big Nanny State arbitrary intrusopm, this issue would be on my "to do list" right next to banning the public wearing of stretch pants.

About a hundred thousand dead each year running red lights and driving drunk, and the police (who aren't numerous enough to enforce traffic laws regularly) now also have to worry about the death of a bunch of chickens?


I respect yer Points O' View but still disagree that this is worth the outrage I'm hearing. If the law ever comes up for another vote in my state I'll vote to repeal it.


When is the cruelty worth the outrage? When do humans step in and say enough? Only when it is human beings that are being cruelly abused? If we look into the past of some of the notorious serial killers in the United States (ie. Jeffery Dahmer,Ted Bundy,) among others. The psycholgist that interviewed them found a common trait, a link, if you will, that almost all serial killers possess. What is that trait?... They started out as youngsters engageing in animal cruelty that resulted in the animals death. Does that mean that people that thoughly enjoy, and engage in or watch dogfighting, cockfighting , and bullfighting are or will be serial killers? Of course not. But, it does show a propensity for these same people that favor animal cruelty,to show the same regard to humans.

Mike Diehl

The threat level here doesn't put dog/bird/bull/fighters/riders &c on my radar. I can still think of 100 more important things to "outlaw" and since I don't claim a lock on morality I wouldn't outlaw most of 'em.

I could support a complete ban on stretch pants though. Talk about cruelty! My eyes!

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