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May 04, 2007

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Detn8 Introduces Ultimate Duck Hunter

Detn8 Introduces Ultimate Duck Huntert

The waterfowl season is months away. But for those of you who can’t wait that long, Detn8 Games promises to introduce Ultimate Duck Hunter--“the most realistic 3D hunting game ever made”--in June.

Here’s what the company has in store, according to its website:

Choose your dog, train him, and then you’re off into the wilderness! Gear up with name-brand guns, camouflage, and decoys. Guide your dog through flooded timber, murky lakes, and remote islands to retrieve fallen ducks. Compete with friends in multi-player mode. Collect points earned from high scores and use them to improve your dog’s speed and stamina. The more you play, the better you and your dog become!

Click here for more screenshots and details.



I don't play very many video games, but I must say, I was impressed by this one. You can train your dog, buy gear, then go hunting. It is farley realistic. If you have a decent computer than I suggest you go to GameStop.com and search Ultimate Duck Hunter. They have a Free Trail avalible for download.

Lind V.

I wanna Download this game!

Lind V.

I wanna Download this game!

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