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May 16, 2007

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Breaking News: 11-Year-Old Bags Hogzilla-Plus

Under the title, "Bigger Than Hogzilla," monsterpig.com reports that 11-year-old Jamison Stone killed a 1,051-pound feral hog just outside of Anniston, Alabama on May 3rd. "The pig was over 10' 7" long and took 3 hours to kill using a Smith & Wesson customized .50 caliber revolver shooting 350 grain bullets," according to the site. "Approximately 16 shots hit this massive beast, some leaving fist size holes and the monster hog continued to run for approximately a mile."

The post concludes noting that Jamison received congratulations from Rickey Medlocke of Lynard Skynard, and with the promise: "More Pictures and Video Coming Soon - Hog is being mounted - Many witnesses - Sausage available!"

If you know anything more about this enormous-porker report, let us know below.


Rhonda Shearer

The Monster Pig story is back. The 12 year old unfairly faces a grand jury this week in Clay County Alabama. The manner in which the monster pig ("Fred") was killed will be examined.

Read more at http://www.stinkyjournalism.org/latest-journalism-news-updates-123.php


Before you read Ms. Shearer's thoughts regarding this situation, please first realize that she has an agenda. She claims that laws were indeed broken during this hunt but I have haven't seen any evidence to back this up. Her claims vs no evidence. Read her site but do it with a grain of salt.

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