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May 16, 2007

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Breaking News: 11-Year-Old Bags Hogzilla-Plus

Under the title, "Bigger Than Hogzilla," monsterpig.com reports that 11-year-old Jamison Stone killed a 1,051-pound feral hog just outside of Anniston, Alabama on May 3rd. "The pig was over 10' 7" long and took 3 hours to kill using a Smith & Wesson customized .50 caliber revolver shooting 350 grain bullets," according to the site. "Approximately 16 shots hit this massive beast, some leaving fist size holes and the monster hog continued to run for approximately a mile."

The post concludes noting that Jamison received congratulations from Rickey Medlocke of Lynard Skynard, and with the promise: "More Pictures and Video Coming Soon - Hog is being mounted - Many witnesses - Sausage available!"

If you know anything more about this enormous-porker report, let us know below.


See Real Picture at Hunting Preserve Website

Google the Lost Creek Hunting Preserve to see the real perspective picture of the pig and kid.

For the AP released photo all they did was publish the photo of the kid stand farther back and pretend he was leaning on it. A common technique to make hunting kills look larger.

The picture at the preserve shows the real size of the pig.

Graphic Artist

The pig is around six feet long if that, if you look at the mugshot of the pig you can clearly see that there is plenty of space behind the pig. The kid does not have the proper lighting in the profile picture of the pic. In the pic with the the hog hanging, they are standing quite a bit away. Jamisons father does not look seven inches taller than his son. Even if you assume that particular photo was legit and you compare the kid to the hog, he is almost as far back in the profile shot as the group from the face of the pic in the mug, and even then there is plenty of space between them and the rear of the hog... theres about fifty more arguements I coul d make. Either this is a publicity stunt by the hogzilla people or just a hoax by the father for profit and a chance hookup with hogzilla... This happens just a week or so after hogzilla starts casting their garbage movie not even worthy of being called a b horror film. I don't think so. Jamisons bio on the website read that his dreams are to be in the movies. This is bad news for him and his family, nobody likes bad Actors...

Graphic Artist

Oh yeah, one more thing. look at this pic. http://www.monsterpig.com/news.htm If jamison would actualy come up a few feet and actualy take a picture next to the hog, he would be just as wide. If you compare it to the pic on the main site you can see jamison is standing in the same spot but looks further away because the photo is distorted by taking it at a wider angle to make the hog look bigger. Might not have been on purpose... but it is the picture they used on the main site... the two pictures compared also confirmed my suspicion that they were standing at least 3 feet or easily more than that away from the pig. I now set my estimate at 5. Thanks to the help of the tire sticking out on both buildings I've quickly rebuilt the rest of the tire to get an estimate of where the bottom of the tire meets the ground... Lousy hoax, but its a big enough pig that people will just think "omg thats huge" instead of thats "smaller than I thought it was"...

Greg Dwyer

Just talked to the boy and his dad on our radio show. Can't believe all the haters commenting. How jealous do you have to be to run down an 11 year-old? The earlier report of 16 hits is untrue. 16 shots, 8 hits. Typical for a kid. Not typical for a kid, is the patience to follow and finish. Good for you, J. Rest of y'all should talk TO somebody and not ABOUT them...

boar hunter

nice pig,
all you idiots out there who are jealous, shutup!!!!!
Maybe the picture is a little docterd but still it is a huge hog. its not like any of yall have ever killed anything that big

boar hunter

nice pig,
all you idiots out there who are jealous, shutup!!!!!
Maybe the picture is a little docterd but still it is a huge hog. its not like any of yall have ever killed anything that big


That pig is not that big, I grew up on a farm even if it did weigh that much it would not be able to walk? And sixteen shots with a 50 bull.

Rhonda R Shearer

Hey, I am going to give up watching CNN and reading the NY Post. Field and Stream readers are sharp and you, a real journalist interested in truth--how old fashioned it seems nowadays.

For context, I recently spoke to this blog's author (who had called me for an interview.) He said he was interested in the truth. His actions prove it--he picked up the phone and called. The only other journalist who called me without my request was from a Swedish woman and freelancer living in Canada.

I will be posting a new updated story, with our most recent research results and news about the hog hype. Part 2 will appear at Stinkyjournalism.org in a day or two.

Sorry our site is slow. So many hits on the server; it crashed big time. This is still an international news story if you can believe it!


Perhaps the father is unaware that ethical hunters are trying to maintain our right to hunt; to reform a positive image for hunters in general. He should've read, with his son, the F & S issue on how to teach a child to hunt.

Strong Kid

8 shots of of a .50 caliber gun by an 11-year old. That must be one superstrong kid to take the recoil.


I will throw the B.S. flag on this one. The article states it was shot 16 times and ran over a mile. Come on. Did the pig just stand there while the kid pumped 15 more shots into it and THEN run away? This is a crack of sh-- if I ever saw it!


I will throw the B.S. flag on this one. The article staes it was shot 16 times and ran over a mile. Come on. Did the pig just stand there while the kid pumped 15 more shots into it and THEN run away? This is a crock of sh-- if I ever saw it!

how bout yall shut the hell up and leave it be

Bama Dave

This is a viral marketing scam. The website was up and running almost immediately, with sponsorship. The young man has a part in the upcoming Hogzilla movie.

This was clearly a pen raised hog.

This sort of "hunting" is equivalent to fishing in an aquarium.




Shock my monkey!!!

Joe West

I bet you unbelieving jackasses think there is a shooter on the grassy knoll and that there really is a UFO in the World Trade Center photos.

God you people are morons.

Jeff Boudreau

Hey instead of saying crap like" the picture is fake," and "looks like somebody had fun in photoshop," we should say something good about it like good kill, or thats the biggest hog i have ever seen, and saying shit about this kid n his kill, well thats just bad sportsmenship, just because some kid beat you at killing a bigger hog doesn't mean you should thinkless of him.....And sometimes its a miracle of nature getting a hog that big. Ive heard of Whitetails being 400+ pounds in Canada. So be a good sportsmen and an idol and stop critizing him..

Bama Dave

You don't grow a hog that big on a 150 acre pen in central Alabama. We do have real wild hogs in southern Alabama, I've hunted them. 250 pounds wouldn't be unreasonable. This hog was shot inside a fence and the "preserve" is currently under investigation by the Alabama Department of Fish and Wildlife. This isn't the only huge hog taken in this 150 acre pen recently.

Bama Dave


Fred the Pet Pig!!!!


Turns out the pig was a tame pet, shot on a "canned" game preserve.
And it still took the kid 3 hours with a .50 cal handgun.
This is too disgusting for words.
Who considers this "hunting"?



Yeap found another article confirming that little boy shot a COMPLETELY domesticated hog. It doesn't get anymore domesticated than a hog that plays with a chihuaha and eats canned sweet potatoes

And it wasn't even in "the wild". Just on some preserve the hog was released onto.

Taylor Farrar

i'd say theres a chance its a fake with photoshop because a kid i know shot a nice buck and he stretched the picture so its spread looked huge but later admitted it so now my 25 inch spread kicks his in the butt. but its great this boy got a hog but photoshop isnt the answer to getting attention for a stupid hog i mean i got on buckmasters home page and my towns paper for my buck and u dont see me doing stupid photoshop on it mine was a real trophy unlike this "hogzilla" i mean come on. let the real kids like me and the 1000's more get attention for there REAL trophys not ones done with PHOTOSHOP i mean gezzz.

if you wanna see my deer here is the add



In one fell swoop, this has done more to damage the hunting community.....thanks Mike Stone!! Idiot

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