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May 09, 2007

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Alaska Grizzly Takes Down Moose in Driveway, On Video

“The bear ripped (the moose's) chest open, ripped out its heart, took the heart out and ate it. It was just like a horror movie," said Gary Lyon, who with his wife videotaped the attack as it took place in their Homer driveway. "All the while it was kind of looking at us and looking at the woods. You could sense it wanted to get out of there,” he told the Homer News. “Then it got some or all of the liver, ripped that out and carried it off into the woods."



this is cool.

Walt smith

Wow!!! Real good video, how did you two held the camera so still without shaking is beyond me.this is a really good film of a big bear in action, mother nature at her awe inspiring best. good job and thank you!!!

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