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April 25, 2007

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Poachers Leave Trail of 15 Dead and Dying Pronghorn

There’s something about the stretch of Montana’s Highway 12 between Forsyth and Ingomar that seems to invite poachers to go on shooting sprees. According to authorities, several poached antelope have been found along the route every spring for the past three or four years. But never this many. Earlier this month, four bucks and 11 does were found dead and dying along a more than 20-mile stretch.

Check out the story and photo here.


Mike Diehl

Whoever is doing this is a psycho and a public menace. I hope the catch 'em soon.

Trent M.

I guess the best we can hope is that these grade A pricks died in a car crash later in the week.


This person obviously has no value for life. It doesn't matter that it was wildlife because when the thrill wears off they mey turn to shooting humans. When caught they should receive 20 years in prison with no chance of parole, permanent loss of hunting priveleges nationwide and the loss of everything they own. It doesn't matter what sew they are or what age they are. They are stealing from every law abiding hunter and future hunters. Hunters need to stand up for what's right and not back down. Otherwise, The only wild life you may see will be in the zoo or worse yet, in photos.

Matt Mallery

The fools that tried to justify this with their comments to the Billing Gazette are also pure scum.

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