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April 24, 2007

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Golfing Reader Redefines “Shooting a Birdie”

Reader Patrick MacCormac writes:

I know you’re going to doubt this, but I have witnesses. Last fall while playing golf, I sliced a shot into a water hole. Not realizing I had moved a flock of teal, I dropped another ball and just as I shot they flew over head. I heard a weird noise and to my up surprise, one fell. I walked to the duck, which had stopped flapping, and saw that I’d hit him dead-center in the head. This I found odd because I can hardly take teal out of the air with my shotgun. Lets see many golfers or duck hunters top that.

And here’s a picture of the stuffed birdie.



Bo Quillin

I have heard of "wild goose"stories but this wild duck story caps all of the ones I have heard.


during the legal season i hope??
was he in possession of the proper waterfowl stamps??
i knew a guy who killed a goose with a five iron that attacked him on a golf course and several days later was cited for out of season hunting by a federal wildlife officer.

Brian M.

Was it a nontoxic golf ball?

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