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April 02, 2007

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First Wisconsin Wolf Shot Legally in 50 Years

A Price County, WI, farmer was watching his border collie chase deer in a far-off field on Wednesday when all of a sudden it was the dog being chased—by an adult female wolf. The man fetched his .222, and as the canines closed within 50 yards, the farmer became the first landowner to legally shoot and kill a Wisconsin wolf in half a century. Read it here.


Brian M.

It will make a nice rug.


Although I'd never want to hunt a wolf for sport, I would definitely shoot one if it were to go after my dog. To tell you the truth it would probably be more likely my dog going after a wolf than vis versa. That's the joy of having an animal willing to protect me.

Matt Mallery

This jerk was letting his dog chase deer? Isn't that illegal? So he was letting his dog attack wildlife, and then wildlife attacked his dog, and he shot. He should be fined and his rifle confiscated.

Mike Diehl

You have a good point there, Matt M.


That guy is a jerk. I wish the wolf would have caught the dog and the guys gun blew up in his face. What kind of idiot lets their dog chase deer?


The "type of idiot that allows their dog to chase deer" is a farmer who makes his living NOT making his crop seed a perpetual Bio-Logic food plot for the deer.$$$ Duh??? Kudos to Mr. Farmer for some fine shootin' with that .222.


Steverino, you're right on. I'm a landowner that has set some ground aside for wildlife, but the other ground is to make money for myself and my family. The farmer had a right to have his dog clear the deer out of the field.

Ralph the Rifleman

It seems the wolf thought the dog would make an easier meal to catch then the deer running around on the farm? At any rate, I agree i would have shot the wolf if it were after my dog. A friend of mine owns a pair of Anatolian(spelling?)shepards to discourage any type of animal from attacking his farm stock.Wild dogs,and Black bears pose a big threat as well!

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