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April 19, 2007

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Field & Stream Up For Four National Magazine Awards

Naturally, we don’t want to toot our own horn. The truth is, we’ve known about this and haven’t said anything for a while now. But with so many outdoor news outlets picking up the story, what choice do have? It’s our duty to keep you informed. Honestly, we wouldn’t mention it otherwise ... Read about it here.


Matt Mallery

Well deserved. Congratulations gentlemen. It's nice to see that even in a gun hating, anti-hunting city like NYC, you are getting positive recognition.


I'm glad to see your magazine (and the talent behind it) got this recognition. It is time to bring back your old sub-title "The Soul of the American Outdoors" versus the bland self-description your marketing department currently uses: "World's leading outdoor magazine". Most people are more interested in quality than market sales, and in the end it pays off. Keep up the good writing.

paul Wilke

Really only one thing to say,

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