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April 12, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Should Crossbows Be Legal for Archery Seasons?

From Mlive.com:

The [Michigan] Natural Resources Commission will consider new regulations at its monthly meeting Thursday that will make it easier for people with disabilities to qualify for a crossbow permit for deer hunting and will automatically allow all senior citizens to use the licenses. . . . Anyone who is 65 or older would be allowed to use a crossbow during archery deer season.

"We're not saying that when you turn 65 you're decrepit, but there are a lot of people who have difficulty using a conventional bow, [said Rod Clute, big game specialist at the Department of Natural Resources.] “We're not saying that when you turn 65, throw your compound bow away and get a crossbow, but this gives an opportunity to those people who just had to do that."

What do you think? Should crossbows be legal during archery seasons for disabled hunters or seniors? Should they be legal for anyone during any season?


Jack Lamb

Crossbows should be allowed during ANY legal hunting season for ANY legal game.
I get the argument about being "like a rifle", bla, bla, bla. Don't buy it!
The North Carolina Bow Hunters Association, which I am NOT a member, has come out agaist the crossbow. They say that it is not a primitive weapon. Well compound bows came along a very, very long time AFTER the crossbow. Seems like I see a lot of crossbows in movies about the middle ages but there are NOT any compounds seen.
The crossbow is the next "in line muzzle loader" phenomenum. It will give a lot of people a way to enjoy the outdoors and hunting that might not do it otherwise.
Jack Lamb
PS: I missed a nice whitetail with mine this season so they are not a slam dunk weapon.


It's a freakin' gun with a string. I hate those things and so does everyone else down at the bow club. Only old farts and disabled people should be allowed to use those.

Henry Bouchat

I injured my shoulder 30 years ago and had to switch to a crossbow. I have taken deer on a fairly regular basis with a crossbow by limiting my shots to 30 yds or less. I used to shoot a 60 lb draw compound and could hold 6 in groups at 40 yds. Using a crossbow has handicapped me in the field.


We have experienced Bowhunters and Crossbow hunters on our Lease. Those who have Crossbows do so with a Doctors permit. Each deer season we wind up with wounded deer running around with arrows or arrow holes in them. Just this last season we tracked 1 deer till midnight and never found him. Wounding animals with Bows and Crossbows shows little respect for the Deer or Turkeys. Quick humane kills should be the law of the land on hunting. The landowner is about to forbid any type of Bow hunting on his property, I think both Bow and Crossbow should be Outlawed.


Sounds like the guys on your lease need to take a course in how to kill deer humanely with a bow--because it's not the impliment. I've killed dozens of deer with gun and bow. I'd say of the two, my cleanest kills have been with a bow. In fact, I don't think I've ever had a deer go more than a couple hundred yards after being shot with a bow. That's because I only take shots a deer that are close and either broadside or quartering away. Used within its limit, a bow is as deadly as any gun.
Also, think about this: around here at least, when gun season start, hordes of guns stomp through the woods taking multiple shots at deer that moves. I guarantee you that more deer are wounded during our short gun season than are wounded during all of bow season.


Hey guys I hunt with a crossbow and for years I hunted with a bow first a recurve and then a compound. I will say right now that a compound set up with the sights and using a release ect is just as accurate as a crossbow and faster for a second shot if you get the chance to get one. Most all crossbow companies consider 40 yards max for an ethical shot and say that in their brochures. I will tell you right now that hunting with an exbow is not the piece of cake every one thinks. You have the same exact challenges that you do bow hunting. I hear folks say all the time well part of the challenge of bow hunting is drawing the bow with out the deer seeing you. Well using a crossbow is not foolproof either you have to move to take the shot while your aiming and deer could see that too. Also I hunt from the ground so the deer can see any movement I make yet I can still manage to harvest deer and that was with a bow too. Crossbows will be some day available for every one. Just as the traditional recurve and long bow fellows hollered bloody murder about compounds the compound bow hunters are doing the same about crossbows. I like other crossbow shooters have found you have to practice with a crossbow just like you do a bow or a rifle or a pistol or a muzzle loader to get good. This bunk that crossbows are easier than bows is just that bunk like any hunting tool it has its advantages and disadvantages. As far as accuracy and distance goes they are on a level playing field with bows. If you have a compound sighted in at 20 yards could you hit a target at 100 very doubtfull unless lucky due to the trajectory of the arrow. Same with an Crossbow, anti- crossbow folks make the stupid claim about shooting a hundred yards with them and if your sighted in at common archery ranges for hunting it will never happen.

larry magierski

cross bow hunting would do for bow hunting what modern muzzleloaders did for black powder huntingn,what is the ave. age of current bow hunter?five-ten years from today.


Crossbows are for lazy f'in slobs! Plain and simple! If your too dang fat lazy and unmotivated to take the challenge of archery, stay on the coach, our ranks do NOT need or want you!


This topic need to go away. All it does is cause infighting. There is no good reason to cater to laziness. If you dont wanna bowhunt, use a rifle. If you MUST for some strange reason use a crossbow, use it in rifle season where it belongs. Dont count on degrading everyone elses satisfaction as well as the deer herd because of laziness and selfishness.


Old hunters have rifles if they cannot bowhunt any longer. What are we gonna do next? Allow geriatrics to run in the olypics with jet packs on their backs just to keep them in the game?


Lazy guys have no place in archery season. Therefore neither do xguns.



My thoughts towards the two of you are inconcieveable. There is no physical way to achieve my wishes for either of you without actually removing your penises and THEN replacing them inverted into another cavity! I certainly hope that you understand.

Best Wishes with you old age!




You are the downfall of our hunt'n world. To say that we older hunters should give up is unacceptable. I can't believe you feel that way. I hope in time you realize that what you said is just horrible. Thanks for supporting the veteran core of hunters.


White Pine

Harsh comments but agreeable. I actually dislocated my shoulder from pulling a bow back. My doctor said not to hunt anymore. Very hard to accept but I don't. Love to have a crossbow and get back out there.



White Pine,
Like the name.
I want to see crossbows for the same reason, to get more hunters back in the woods. Mainly the older experienced ones. I just see the benefits outweighing the negatives.



Go for it White Pine!!

This old toot will be out their with my Doctor's letter and my crossbow this fall. My only advice is, get one as soon as possible and practice, practice, practice!!!!



You sound like a couple of wusses that shoot only bows with 80% let off because you can't hold the load. I suppose you also use a trigger release (like a xbow) because you don't know how to release the arrow your self. Do you use the light pins so you can see?

White Pine


Thanks for the support. Because of your comments I will go hunt with a crossbow and will have the time of my life doing so. Hell yeah.

White Pine


Good for you White Pine. And See Dufus and Dipsey. Oops I mean Rufus and Nipsey, many hunters will benefit from having crossbows. Don't you realize that.


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