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April 30, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Would You Skip The NFL Draft To Go Fishing?

There are lots of pro athletes out there who fish and hunt, but how many of them would skip one of the biggest days of their careers just to go fishing? Former Wisconsin Badger Joe Thomas, for one. Instead of flying to New York for the NFL Draft (held each year at the Radio City Music Hall, just uptown from the F&S offices) he kept a long-standing date with his father to chase brown trout on Lake Michigan.

"We had to tell [the NFL] that we had made plans and we didn't know they were going to invite us," the elder Thomas said. "We really want to follow through with the big plans we had for this day."

"I didn't want to involve myself in all the craziness that goes on (with the draft). I knew it was going to be an exciting enough time where I didn't need to go to New York," Thomas said.

Playing hookey didn't seem to effect Thomas' chances in the draft, though. He was the 3rd pick overall, going to the Cleveland Browns, where he'll play left tackle. Check out the full story here, then tell us; in Joe's shoes, what would you have done?



heck yes i would skip the draft to go fishing.

Brian M.

I would skip anything if I could fish with my 90 year old Dad one more time.


Absolutely. The time that a father and a son have is short so any chance they get to spend time together is well worth it, and then some.


i did.


What's the NFL?

Ron Shook

I did go fishing, could care less about the NFL draft!

James Bean

The morels are out & the crappie are biting - are you kidding??????


In Wisconsin we have plenty of fun things to do outdoors. Why spend a day in New York City? Its not like he missed a interview for a real job like the rest of us have. Just think how many guns, lures and stuff he can get with the signing bonus alone! Hopefully, the Cleveland fans won't hold it against him.


who wouldn't want to skip it to go fishing?



Sir Rick

Good for Joe !!!! The saying my worst day fishing is better than my best day @ work applies here ... If the Browns fans don't like it then trade him to the Packers, I'm sure their fans would understand !!!


I would



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