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April 23, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Did Someone Cheat in Ohio Bass Tourney?

Last Friday afternoon while prefishing Ohio’s West Reservoir in preparation for Franks' $10,000 weekend Portage Powerhouse bass tournament, an angler found a submerged wire basket anchored by a cord and holding five good-sized fish. State authorities watched the basket throughout the tournament, and while some anglers fished nearby, the stashed bass went untouched.

"Tournament bass fishing is a very positive sport, and I'd like to think the basket was left behind by a kid who wanted to keep some fish alive to show off to his family and friends," Tournament Director Rory Franks told The Plain Dealer.

What’s your guess: kid or a contestant? Read it here.





greased up deaf guy

Brian M.

Batch, Please explain.


some deaf guy that fell in some grease at GREASE DONS aka McDonalds went and put the fish there

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