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April 12, 2007

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Coleman Parent Company Buys Pure Fishing Inc.

This year, the Jarden Corporation hopes you’ll buy not only a Coleman lantern, but also a Berkley rod and an Abu Garcia reel loaded with Trilene line. On Friday, the New-York-based company completed its acquisition of Pure Fishing for $300 million in cash and a $100 million, five-year note. According to Coleman chief executive Gary Kiedaisch, Pure Fishing, based in Spirit Lake, Iowa, will get the most immediate benefits from the acquisition.

“What this is, is an opportunity to take the good things Coleman does in Wichita and lend a hand to our friends in Iowa, now,” Kiedaisch told the Wichita Eagle. “It will, overall, increase our margins and make the company healthier.”

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Matt Mallery

Most of Coleman's stuff is now made in China. I guess more jobs will be going overseas.

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