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April 06, 2007

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8 Groups May Sue Over Grizzly Delisting

Last month, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service opened the door to future public hunting of Yellowstone grizzly bears when it announced the animal’s removal from the list of "threatened” species effective April 30. Now, predictably, eight groups—including the Humane Society and the Sierra Club—have notified the USFWS that they will file a lawsuit if the delisting is not reversed. Read more here.



this is a crock. the bears have reached and exceeded all the population goals and are occupying nearly all of the available habitat that was identified by USFWS AND the enviromentalists years ago when they went put on the threatened list. Now, the enviros want to renig on the plans, claiming we need more science and that global warning threatens the pine nut crop so the bears might be in trouble and on and on and on with half-baked excuses. the bears are doing great. they can be managed just fine by the states. USFWS has done a great job. its time for the envirowackos, who use the majesty of the bear as a great fund-raising tool to give up.

Brian M.

This will be a great topic for the animal rights people to use for fund raising. Let's hope common sense,logic and science won't be trampled by the courts. The states should decide what is in their best interests.


I grew up hunting and fishing in the Mtn. above Dubois Wyoming and now that I have a family of my own I have been hesitant to take my family fishing due to the number of grizzlies that are in the area now.
The grizzly numbers are at an all time high. My family and friends over the last 5 years have seen more grizzly above Dubois than we have seen moose and other wildlife. In my opinion it is the right time to delist them and it will give the normal person that is just wanting to enjoy the outdoors a little more rights when it comes to defending yourself if God forbid you get attacked. That is just my opinion.


you guys saw what happened in New Jersey were the enviro's overturned the courts even though it wasn't in the best interest of the people. dont give them an inch

Neil Smith

It is really sad that environmentalists are derided and called names in these comments. Were it not for these "envirowackos", who are responsible for the awareness we have about the entire ecosphere, the world would be paved over by now. Do we want folks like the Bush Admin. running the show? Hell no!

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