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March 15, 2007

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World-Record Bass Revisited; Should Dickerson or Weakley Submit Catch to IGFA?

Here we go again.

From The Orange County Register:

One angler caught and released the bass four years ago. Another angler landed the same fish a year ago but had snagged it in the side. The bass weighed a world-record size each time, yet neither angler submitted their catch to the International Game Fish Association back when it happened. But now, they are both considering doing so. Yes, we're again talking about that bass, the 25-pound, 1-ounce largemouth caught and released at Dixon Lake by Mac Weakley of Carlsbad, Calif., the one that easily surpassed the 75-year-old, all-tackle world record of 22-4. . . .

"We've always wondered, 'Should we have turned it in? Should we turn it in?'" Weakley said. "After finding there's no time restraint on it, we kind of started to think about it a lot more. There could be a chance that we end up doing it.

"Between the three of us, we honestly feel it should be the world record."

Weakley says there’s a 50/50 chance he will submit his catch, and Dickerson says he still might. What do you think? Should either angler go for the record; will either get it?


Check out photos of more giant bass taken in Dixon lake here.


alex e

somehow fishing on a 250 acre lake thats stocked with trout every year just really doesnt seem like much of a challange... espaecially compared to large lakes like lake fork (where im sure there's a world record waiting to be caught)


no i dont think they should because it has been over a year since it was caught and it was fowl hooked. Besides stocking lakes with bait fish and people catching 18lb and better bass are throwning them back just to break the world recor, and it was caught in the ocmulgee river where it isnt stocked and managed to grow record size bass. It will probably be broken someday but it wont last 75 years before it is broken again. only them good ole telfair county georgia boys can hold that long of a record.

John H. Wigglesworth

As an angler who has caught and released well over 500 bass 10 lbs and over, I'm impressed by this fish! That being said, this record needs to be broken with out having any doubts on size or manner of the catch. While the photo ligitimizes the size issue, as a purest I can't get past the admitted foul hooking of the fish. While the foul hooking in this case was accidental, there are those out there who'd exploit big spawning females if this fish is accepted.Trophy fishing is a sport all to it's self. Anglers who choose to fish only for trophy fish are generally very ethically bound, and for most of us it's all about the fish. The temptation of the money is always there, but for most of us just catching the fish would be enough. To have a record so sought after tainted, even accidentically would be wrong! I do however applaud Mr. Weakley for his honesty. Based only on the photo, I'd have accepted his claim of her size with out question.

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