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March 27, 2007

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Gummy Bear Rug Perfect for Hunting Camp

Gummy Bear Rug Perfect for Hunting Camp

Like many of us, you may dream of taking a bear and making a rug for hunting camp. But until you get your bruin, why not start with a Gummy Bear rug. I’m sure you wouldn’t catch any flack from your buddies. Read more here.


Kristine Shreve

First of all, someone has much too much time on their hands.

Second of all, why? Who was sitting around one night and said "I know what I'll do. I'll make a rug out of Gummi Bears. That should be attractive and useful."

I'm constantly amazed by the things people do.


youv never ben bord have you?

Kristine Shreve

Not that bored, no.


Its kinda cute though. But yeah I don't think I have been that bored.

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