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March 28, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Would You Vote for Rudy (Revisited)?

Since the last time we asked if you would vote for presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, a number of videos of the former New York City mayor detailing his policy on gun control have popped up on the internet.

Check out these from You Tube.

Do they change or galvanize your opinion of the candidate?



if rudy wins the primary than id vote for him. id rather go through hell on my hands and knees than vote for hillary. but it is clear he is against guns.



Giuliani is an opportunist, not a true conservative. But then again, lookin at GW and his crowd, nothing has been conservative about them either. We have higher spending, more government, and decreased national security. I won't vote for Hillary, but I am keeping my options open this go round.

As far as guns go, don't mess with my handguns and my hunting rifles and you won't have a problem!


I don't see why people like Giuliani so much. His clear support for gun control is only one reason to vote against him. He also has no respect for the rest of the Bill of Rights, he's corrupt (business partners with Bernie Kerik), and immoral (3 marriages & at least that many mistresses). So he was mayor on 9/11. If he'd done a better job before 9/11, the firefighters' radios would have worked.

Brian M.

I will vote for Rudy over Hillary but don't trust him on gun control. The gun makers law suit makes me sick.

Blue Ox

Rudy, like most politicians, is in it for the money and the power. The man is so crooked he could hide behind a corkscrew.


Forget Rudy, Fred is the one and only candidate that truly respects the 2nd admendment.

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