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March 22, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Should Bass Fishing Be an NCAA Sport?

Check out the other March Madness, from The Chicago Sun-Times:

At least one Illinois team had a buzzer-beating week, even if it came down to the final boat of the weigh-in Sunday at Newton Lake.

With Rob Russow and Kerry Ryan weighing two bass at 10 pounds, the Fighting Illini Bass Club repeated as champions of the Big Ten Classic, topping Penn State by five pounds.

More important, the field featured teams from eight Big Ten schools: Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Purdue, Michigan, Penn State, Michigan State and Indiana.

It's another sign of the push bass fishing is making on campus. Fishermen even have been making noise about having tournament fishing recognized as an NCAA sport.

What do you think? Would you rather watch college basketball or college fishing this time of year?




Tom Church

you've got to be kidding me??
no way. you'd have to do drug testing on the tourney participants. where would you get NCAA-qualified officiating? the fishing world would have to be ready for NIKE, ADIAS, and REEBOK to get into the fishing clothing business. before you'd know it, you'd have kids leaving college early to join the pros. do not go down the slipperly slope.


Im all for it..what would be better than fishing, cheerleaders, and parties. It would keep me from skipping class to do all my fishing..


Huh, whats next the NCAA Big Buck Contest?????

Don't forget to include Ice Fishing.

Bubba got a full ride to an IVY leage school for Bass Fishin.........

NH guy

Do it. Im a sophmore in high school, and that would deffinitly change my decision for college. I mean, who would go to any school when you can play a college sport like fishing?! Imagine those after school practices every day..

ya but theres not many bass up here in montana so how bout trout or walleye. or big buck or bull contest like tom said. i guess that wouldnt be fair tho cause i would always win and get lots of scholarships and such.


Nothing would be better! I only wish they had this 10 years ago when I was in college.


come on, you're telling me that you wouldn't join the "fishing team" in college?

come on, you're telling me that you wouldn't join the "fishing team" in college?

Matt Dykstra

I would definitely go to college then.

josh robinson

heck yes, the i have something to go to college for i'm 14 years old all my life i have been fishing and thats what i want to do for a living if bass fishing was a NCAA sport i'm for shur i'm going to college

Taylor R Mckeown

I am a sophmore in college at Texas State University, SanMarcos TX and I currently spend three or four days a week with freind of mine bass fishing this area. I put alot of time into school, work and then fishing. This adds up to some long days, but I love to fish and do farely well.

heck yeah I love fishing

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