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March 28, 2007

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Brit Found Guilty Under Hunting Act

Paul McMullen told the court he never set out to kill fox. But at the end of the day, having spent some £12,000 to bring the prosecution, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) took down their quarry. McMullen was found guilty of violating Britain’s controversial Hunting Act and ordered to pay £750 in fines and £5,000 in reparations. Here’s the latest.


Mike Diehl

"I'm so glad I'm livin' in the USA!" -- Chuck Berry

Mike Hobday

£5,750, eh? I guess cruelty doesn't pay!


no doubt those socialist are freakin crazy. soon they will outlaw the use of a gun to take game. thank heavans my family was smart enough to leave britian 350 years ago because of similiar persecution for their beliefs.


no small wonder that country finds itself in that pitiful state. Illegal to defend oneself, no one can hunt; sad indeed.

It may interest those who bemoan it as cruel to spend a few days watching the humane manner in which foxes badgers and all wild animals treat their "fellow animals". Ghastly and illegal!

aaron moore

Shouldn't the dogs have had to pay the fine? I am surprised that in their great wisdom the RSPCA did not decide that the dogs should be punished as well. FACT Nature ain't pretty Dogs attack other canines...thats just the way it is...10 million years of evolution can't be wrong. Nature isn't golf or your lovely yard in the suburbs.....its a living, breathing, sometimes cruel, usually violent wonderful splendour,,,,


Thats soooooo stupid Fox hunting has been part of Brit culture for decades... Whats the big deal about a few fOX!!!

Susi Northen

This country has gone completely insane. How can anyone be fined so much money for killing a fox? If he had been an illegal immigrant,no car insurance and killed a child on the road he would have been treated far more leniently. And what about his dogs? The RSPCA makes me laugh. If they cared about animals at all, they would never have taken his dogs away either. The whole thing is just one big sad joke.Shame on you Britain.


Good words.

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