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March 14, 2007

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Bomb Squad Called to Virginia Editor’s Home

Yesterday, we posted a link to a Roanoke Times column in which editorial writer Christian Trejbal celebrated Sunshine Day by posting online the names and addresses of the more than 135,000 Virginians who are licensed to carry concealed firearms. The list prompted angry responses and threats. So when a mysterious package showed up at Trejbal’s house yesterday, the bomb squad wasn’t far behind. The street was closed and neighbors were evacuated. But the box held only blank mailing labels and cardboard mailers. Read it here.


Chris H.

I wonder if this jerk wishes he had not posted the list. He will probably be paranoid for a while. I bet he starts getting a lot of unsolicited strange looking boxes and packages of blank paper or generic brochures. Just to keep him on his toes.

Brian J

Sounds like a class action lawsuit.

I'm pretty sure by posting those names in a state with the highest concentration of CIA agents that he did put some agents at risk. I bet almost every single CIA agent's name and address that resides in that state are on that list. Just because it is legal to do what he did does not make it smart and does not overall help his community. At least by going into a courthouse to look those public records up the government knows who has that information.

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