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February 14, 2007

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Raccoon: It’s What’s For Dinner

What? You haven’t tried coon? Well, you need to stop by the Bayou Express Seafood & Produce stand in Houma, Louisiana, where the meat has become a hot item. Just ask customer Wayne Thomas, who raved to a Houma Courier reporter, "It's just a good meat, real good meat. And I ain't the only one who eats it." You’ll have no trouble finding the stand. It’s the one with the signs that reads “Fresh Coon.” Read about it here.



Years ago I went to a friends house for dinner one evening and BBQ was the hosts choice. After dinner my host asked everyone if they liked the BBQ he had served. After everyone said they enjoyed it, with a smug look, he told us we had just eaten racoon.
After the intial feeling of being repulsed by the idea, I will admit it tasted fine. Like a pork or beef BBQ.
I've not eaten it since, but hey it didn't kill me.

Ed Cuneo

One of the ways to utilize the animal for more than skins or horns, is to try the meat. Raccoon is very fatty, like bear meat. It has been a delicacy here in South Jersey for years, served with greens or taters around the Christmas holidays. It is an acquired taste however. But a good cook can make it palatable.


I'd try it.


As a boy from the hills of Kentucky we ate racoon often.I remember it was very good.

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