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February 01, 2007

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Not One, But Two Hermaphrodite Deer Taken

Antlered does are fairly rare, but horned hermaphrodites are truly special. Yet not one, but two such deer are in the news right now. In Louisiana, an either-sex season took on a whole new meaning for hunter Craig Lewis when he shot a deer with both male and female sex organs and a velvet rack with only three developed points but some 50 kickers (if you can call them that). In Florida, Joe Stokes took a deer with a nice typical rack but an extra set of opposite-sex equipment.



Chemicals in ground water from sewage(hormones from birth control pills, etc.) have created this problem in river fish, so why not deer?, they drink the same water !
Guess what, so do we !!

are you say that you have both sets of organs???

Thats fucked up

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