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February 27, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Is Gentry’s $15,000 Fine a Fair Punishment?

From Minnesota’s Pioneer Press:

A federal judge sentenced country music star Troy Gentry on Friday to three months of probation and a $15,000 fine for killing a captive black bear named Cubby in a fenced enclosure near Sandstone and then trying to pass the bear off as a wild animal shot during an authentic bow hunt.

Gentry had pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in November as part of a deal with federal prosecutors. Gentry agreed to forfeit his ill-gotten bear and the bow he used during the hunt. The 600-pound bear is immortalized in a taxidermy display at Gentry's Tennessee home. Gentry also agreed to give up his Minnesota hunting privileges for five years.

What’s your take? Is Gentry any different from other poachers? Is his punishment fair?


Trent M

Great, only 49 other states he can hunt in. These violations are never taken seriously, and this is no different.


I think the fine is in keeping with the violation. I would have liked to see his hunting privliges revoked in all 50 states for the 5 year period.
He should also have to go to hunter education classes and tell the youngsters there why it was wrong to do what he did.


I agree with js.

Canadian Bacon

this cw guy should get nailed to the wall. i think that the five years is not enough & i also agree with Trent about all states being revolked. but this fancy pants singer could just go on an exotic canadian bear hunt. Tooo may loop holes!


This Gentry guy is one sick and sorry excuse for a hunter if he would partake in killing a captive black bear. What a "rugged outdoorsman", what a man's man, he is. I bet he kicks puppies around too! This guy deserves to be dropped off by helicopter in the Alaskan wilderness with a sharp stick and the orders not to return to civilization until he has killed a Brown Bear, with said stick. The penalty for showing up empty handed would be 5 years of incarceration in the state pen with the general prison population. Then he would be getting his just deserts.


Here is just one more example of different rules for the rich than for the rest of us. I love how he tried to video it like he was "The Great White Hunter" - what a looser.

J.R. Absher

It has not been reported as part of the Gentry case and his subsequent sentencing, but those who posted here will likely be pleased to hear that Minnesota is part of the Interstate Wildlife Violators Compact (IWVC). Recently expanded to include 25 states, wildlife law violators convicted in one IWVC member state are held accountable for their actions by reciprocating agreements passed by legislatures in two dozen other states.
New York, Wisconsin, Florida and Tennessee came
on board in 2006 to join Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Legislation is introduced or expected in 2007 in Alaska, Kentucky, South Carolina, Maine, Ohio, West Virginia and Delaware.
IWVC information is held in a central location and database located in a Utah office, where agencies can obtain information on wildlife law violators, preventing them from obtaining hunting and fishing licenses in compact member states.


well, the guy did own up to his mistake, and he's willing to pay for it. at least he's not part of the elitist rich that would hire a team of defense lawyers to get him off. yep, he should lose his hunting privleges, and he did. yep, he should get a stiff fine, and he did. i'll bet he knows better the next time he tries to pull a fast one.


I think most of the people that are complaining about the punishment not being stiff enough are doing so because of this guy's celebrity. Basically, this is the same punishment anyone else would receive, be they poor Joe Blow or rich Troy Gentry. Do I agree with what he did? Absolutely not! Does the punishment fit the crime? According to the law it does. Can he just up and hunt somewhere else? Possibly, but one thing is for sure, he probably can't go hunting in Canada since he was arrested, the Canadian law won't allow anyone into Canada if they have an arrest record, even a DUI. As was stated above by John, at least 25 other states won't allow him to hunt there while he is under suspension. My point is this...he committed the crime, he was given the punishment the same as if he were anyone else and he has to live with the publicity as well as his own guilty feelings. As long as he got punished and the publicity let the world know, what more do you want?


You know if it had been a guy down on his luck, Tryin to put food on the table, or a hunter that made a little mistake like maybe being in the field a little too early. The guy would have been put under a prison, his truck taken, his gun taken, and fined up the yang. This A** gets a little slap on the wrist. This is just plain wrong. He should have a stiffer sentence. He set out to break the law to make himself look good.


Regardless of who he is, the punishment is not stiff enough! He shot a captive animal! Why didn't he just march into the local zoo and whack one there?! Because he has a public image, I feel that it makes his crime even worse. He has the means, so the $15k is probably loose change in his pocket. If fines and punishment were more severe, maybe the next poaching jerk will think twice. I thing hangings on public square were a good idea. Hang 'im! Take away his hunting privileges forever and charge him $250k. Make the laws the same for everyone. I'll never have to worry about it.

Walt Chapman

This guy is to be pitied! He is a loser in all senses of the word. Hopefully, his music career will be given the same chance as the bear.

Steve ( Wildman) Bush

I think that because of his so call status, being that kids and adults alike look up to these so called stars, they should lower the boom on him and set an example for others. It [email protected]##es me off that stars get preferential treatment and if joe shmoe out her did the exact same thing ,would be a convicted as a felon, what a load of crap. Lets go back to a time when everyone was accountable, not just the poor who take it on the chin!!!

Matt Dykstra

Troy Gentry is one of those morons that Bill Heavey talked about in the February issue in "A Sportsmans Life". The worse thing is that he is a celebrity. Thus the entire nation sees hunter in a negative light. I believe that his punishment should be greater.


Hopefully the other 49 states are part of the compact and will ban him for 5 years too. Sad to see someone from the C&W scene act like the Brittany Spears types.


Leave Brittany out of this. She's more of a man than this Tracy Gentry, Um, Troy Gentry guy. The only thing Brittany ever harmed was a Beaver by shaving it's fur off.

Jim Ross

I think the fine should have been
more than $15,000. Just because
he was a "celebrity" doesn't mean
squat in my book. Maybe if people
would quit buying his records, he
would have to go out and get a real job.

Craig Michael

Troy Gentry should be caged, fed, fattened, and put on a safari with him being the game... And then stuffed, mounted, and placed on display at the "institute for moronic hunters"... He should have been banned from hunting for life... it does't get any lower than this... unless you you hunt the family's pet... oops my bad... that's what he did...

John I Fish III

Maybe I missed something. How in hell did this end up in FEDERAL court?

alan j. garavaglia

He should lose ALL hunting rights FOREVER. What is the world coming to,people just do what they want anymore.Why keep beening Mr.Nice Guy with these types of people


Did it say what/if he paid for the chance to slaughter the poor beast?

Seems to me...
The fine should have been 100 or 1000 times the cost to commit such a crime.

Maybe then, the rich canned "hunters"... i can't even call them that...slaughterers will think twice.

Hopefully mom & pop USA will show
their disgust, and boycott purchases & concerts, as well.

Rusty in Missouri

It always seems that the rich famous people get the breaks and that may be true but 15 grand is a hit in the bank for anyone. It was wrong and he is paying; enought said. To driver - you can get into Canada after a DUI it just costs hundreds in CASH at the border. Canada only cares if you have money before they let you in. This proved true last year going on a fishing trip up north, never again.

Mike Diehl

This sort of thing is not my cup of coffee, nor in the tradition of hunting as practiced in the US since the days of Teddy Roosevelt. It would have been more accepted I think in the mid-19th century.

That said, if someone wants to shoot a penned up animal on private land it's none of my business, *as long as it is otherwise legal.* I'd not want a person entering a kill in the B&C records, but basically I regard captive animals as property.

It sounds like in this case the fellow has committed a misdemeanor, been caught, and is paying an appropriate price for his actions. That seems fair.

Ralph the Rifleman

I agree with Mike D.;if it's legal to shoot an animal on game preserve,or private ranch, I don't care. Did he receive the maximum punishment under the law? They need to nail the guide, as well, if one was involved.

jerry collinsworth

why should he be treated any diffrent then you or i? If one of us did this , they'd throw away the key, take our guns, bows ect , and we would certinally do jail time plus loss of hunting previlges for life, guess money talks louder then the american sportsman does

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