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February 16, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Should Live Pigeon Shoots Be Banned?

From Pennsylvania’s The Times Tribune:

A House committee has delayed action on a bill banning live pigeon shoots so public hearings can be held on the controversial topic.
One goal of those hearings will be to quell concerns that a ban on pigeon shoots is a step toward gun control, according to Rep. Frank Andrews Shimkus, D-South Abington Township, who is sponsoring the measure.

“I do not support gun control,” Mr. Shimkus said.
His bill would make it a third-degree misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in jail, to stage or take part in a live pigeon shoot, which some sportsmen’s clubs have used as fundraisers. Most states already outlaw such shoots. . . .

In recent days, the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action has called on gun owners to urge lawmakers to oppose the bill, suggesting animal rights activists were aiming toward broader shooting restrictions.

“Pigeon shoots are a traditional and international shooting sport. We cannot let this longstanding tradition disappear!” reads a statement on the NRA-ILA’s Web site. “Banning pigeon shoots would be a first step in advancing (animal rights activists’) agenda, and they won’t stop there!”

Mr. Shimkus scoffs at the notion he is trying to infringe on gun owners’ rights.
“I myself would never allow this bill to go forward if it had to do with gun control,” he said. “If it did, I’d pull support for my own bill.”

What do you think?



Of course live pigeon shoots should be banned everywhere. This is carnage, plain and simple. It's revolting and immoral and an ugly blotch on the face of our sport that we should have completely removed long ago. It is the perfect example of what happens when we fail to take a hard, honest look at ourselves and fix what's wrong. You've heard the sentiment: If we don't, the antis will. Well in this case, we didn't, and now the antis have taken up the issue.
The NRA is dead wrong on this one. I'm glad that they work hard to protect our gun rights, but I swear, sometimes they are crazier than rats in a crapper.
This is a no brainer. Anyone who supports using live pigeons for target practice or for shooting competitions cannot rightfully call himself a sportsmen.


Sorry, but I must disagree with you. The animal rights and gun control advocates will not stop their campaign to outlaw guns and hunting simply because pigeon shooting competition is outlawed.
Wake up! the AR will not stop until all hunting is banned, and the GC will not stop until all private gun ownership is banned.
Stopping hunting is just one step towards banning private ownership of firearms. Remember, when we lose our 2nd amendment rights, we have just lost all our other rights under the constitution.
I have tried every form of shotgun geme there is and consider live pigeons (columbaire or box bird) to be the highest level of competition.


I say that if the meat from the birds is being eaten or at least used in some fasion then what is the big deal? I agree we should respect animals, not humanize them. All animal rights activists are hypocrits anyway so why should anyone give a good damn what they think.


Can't be that big a deal cuz i ain't even heard of it before

John Dale

I am saying that if the meat is eaten, then what is the harm. Plus every one against hunting will not see it the way a hunter will, and they will go to any length to stop hunting and getting rid of guns all together.

John Dale

I am saying that if the meat is eaten, then what is the harm. Plus every one against hunting will not see it the way a hunter will, and they will go to any length to stop hunting and getting rid of guns all together.


No, they should not be banned. The problem with our society is we have this growing garbage pile of restrictive laws. Seems everytime something ends up in the news, someone else wants to create a new law to regulate it.

Live pigeon shoots have been going on since the time of the ancient Greeks (using bow and arrow, of course). Let's not create any new laws restricting that which is barely worthy of our concerns.


if we cant shoot 'live' pigeons can we shoot dead ones


Ferrel pigeons carry diseases. They are Rats with wings just a lot more mobile. and yes lots of pigeon trappers get sick. AR groups are looking to ban any kind of "sport"
Next they will be trying to protect the Nagas, then the endangered claypigeon'


I agree with FHjustrightofgangus. Pigeon populations have to be controlled somehow and its not like we can have a season on them when most of them live in populated towns or cities. If we can't shoot them maybe we should box em' up and ship them to the activists' houses and let them figure it out.


I see this as a "first step" in banning hunting on preserves. Preserves are important to those of us who love shotgun sports but don't have wild bird opportunities.


Oh my God! You people are crazy!
Have you no collective sense of decency? A bunch of rich folks get together, release live pigeons out of boxes, shoot them, and bet on the outcome. (And if you think they eat them afterward, you're nuts). Yet you guy are all lining up to say, "yeah, that's okay, no problem there."
I can't believe how many of you are letting the AR people form your opinion on this. Does every decision we make have to be in reaction to AR? Forget those people; we should be able to recognize for ourselves that this is carnage and in no way sporting.
"Pigion populations have to be controlled"??!!!!
Give me a break. That's one sorry argument. Nobody is doing this to control pigeon populations. You know, the population of unregistered pets is also out of control; maybe we should put them all in a box, let them out one by one, and shoot them for kicks.
Man, if you guys can't see that live pigeon shoots are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, you need to do a little soul searching for the sense of decency that might be buried in there somewhere. And stop being afraid that the AR folks might find out you have a soft side.

chuck norris

shut up paul you don't know what your talking about live pigeon shoots are ok cause we need to stop the anti's before they take away all our hunting rights


Chuck--and to the rest of you who use it--that argument is a bunch of BS. It suggest that we shouldn't do anything that might possibly give the antis momentum. Well, that hasn't stopped us from doing the right thing regarding remote control hunting over the internet. The antis were (and are) vehemently against that, too. Yet sportsmen--than goodness--are overwhelmingly against it, and it's being banned everywhere.
And for any of you who would retort--"Well, that's not really hunting," I say: Neither is popping pigeons flying out of boxes. Anyone should be able to see that.


Its all about freedom. I may not be a live pigeon shooter but if someone else raises pigeons to shoot or enjoys shooting them, why that is his right in a free country he and is not hurting anybody else. Basically its about the left trying to tell everybody else what is socially acceptable. If you don't agree with them then you are a "bad person" and you can't be free anymore.
Brian thinks that just because he doesn't like it he has the right to stop everybody else from doing it. No, that not what a free country is about as much as he and the left hates it.
Pigeons raised for consumption or sporting purposes or captured feral pigeons can be utilized as long as people are not hurting other people.
Personnally I am not a live pigeon shooter but I don't decry others. As far as being humane, a load of chilled 8's is as humane as about anything else.


Brain, My apologies. You are right, I got mixed up with who the message below yours was from. I guess Larry and Paul think that it should be stopped or reguated out of existence.

Larry, One thing is that the lefties are never appeased. It is an incremnetal battle to stop hunting. Just go to their sites and read! They are in it for the long haul taking a small victory at a time. They stop this then field trials are next because the pheasants are released just before the hunt, then hunting with archery equipment because its not humane enough and so on until nothing is left.



I never called anyone a bad person. I just think you're wrong. In a perfect world, government would not have to ban these things. We should have enough sense to police ourselves--but obviously, we don't.

Ed Cuneo

At one time this was an accepted way of practicing and raising money. It can't be any more. Our society today cannot handle the image of this and we have to move past the attitude that shooting birds out of box is sporting. It's not.

Vince Olzawski

I personally think that it should be fine to have a pigeon shoot as it should be mandated that the pigeons be collected from the local downtown areas so as to dispose of an unwanted problem with the problems that come from having too many pigeons loose in the cities. Yes, it's nice for some people to spend time feeding the pigeions, but the diseases they spread and keep going by their uncontrolled status needs to be contained somehow, and a shoot once in a while that could help achieve better marksmanship is a good way. I dis-agree with those that think the sport should be stopped, and the pigeons should then be given to anyone who would eat them as the meat is not bad at all. I've raised, exhibited for show, and raced pigeons and they have their uses, but uncontrolled, I agree we need to use the sport to get the problem under control. Thanks for the option of giving my view.


The common and well deserved description of the modern hunter is "Bullies with guns". If any of you want to shoot something why don't you enlist and volunteer for Iraq? The pigeons there can shoot back. What no volunteers? Ah, I see, you have your jobs and families to take care of!
I can hardly think of anything more cowardly than shooting a captured pigeon released from a box right under the shooter's nose. You call yourselves men? How would you like it if someone put you in a box, out in a field, and told you to run before they shoot you? And to make certain they keep you blindfolded until just before you are released.
If you want to deal with problems, try tackling health care, social security, education and poverty to name a few. Yes these can not be dealt with by shooting something small and helpless, but I am sure some of you might find a way to do that.


THIS INHUMANE PRACTICE SHOULD BE BANNED!!! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!! I should hope that our society has risen above torturing
and maming these poor innocent birds. The ancestors of these birds
are throughout the bible, on Noah's ark, symbols of peace. A white dove we use at our funerals & weddings is in reality a white pigeon!! wake up
you people and STOP these few states
where it is being still practiced!


The last time I was in a pigeon ring was 1965, so maybe I'm a bit out of date, but I see nothing wrong with live bird shooting. If they don't like live bird shooting, maybe they also don't like upland grouse shooting in the UK. Or chukar shooting in the west. The real answer is that they just don't like guns, shooters, or anything else that smacks remotely of testosterone and manliness. I'm waiting for them to figure out a way to go aftere NASCAR racing, then the fur will really fly!

Jim C

Pigeons carry 15 known deadly diseases, but that is not why I shoot pigeons. I shoot because it is by far the most challenging competition I have attempted. This is a dying sport due to the expense, not because of you liberal socialists pushing your 'bambi' agendas on others. I for one am sad that participation is down on the columbaire circuit. Of course, thankfully, the box bird shoots are alive and well. You lefties will never learn. You cant force your values on others, and you shouldnt try to when you have probably never been to a shoot. It is by far the most challenging shooting sport, and it attracts the top competitors for good reason.


Oh you all know most of these birds aren't eaten. If they were that would be a quite diufferent story but they arent. Shooting birds for target practice juyst makes hunters look bad. And the AR's use these things to convince the public that all hunting should be banned. If you want to protect your right to hunt then get rid of these slob hunters.

Scott Stonex

They can ban it, Any pigeon shooter worth there salt wont stop shooting them. There nothing but flying rats & I am sick of other folks telling people what they can and can not do.
I am not from the US

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