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February 14, 2007

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Bird-Brained Animal “Liberators” Kill Quail

Shooting Editor Philip Bourjaily sent this email to me yesterday:

I got my Wildlife Legislative Fund of America Sentry Newsletter today, and there's a story about animal rights activists who "freed" a bunch of pheasants, quail, and partridges from the Griggstown Quail Farm in New Jersey on December 18.

All of the birds died upon being liberated into the outdoors. An FBI agent had a great line: "It's like liberating fish from an aquarium by throwing them on the floor."

Check out the story here.

Thanks, Phil.


Chris H

I just love how these idiots justify their illegal actions. They killed many of the animals they were trying to save and cost the farmer a fortune. Of course they don't think they should ever suffer any consequences for their actions. Every PETA jerk I've ever met would benefit from a lengthy boot to butt session. Of course that would probably fracture some law and they would have their organization's lawyers all over me.

Kristine Shreve

I sometimes wonder how ignorant these groups can be. Animals that were not raised in the wild are not wild animals. If an animal has always depended on humans for food and shelter, they won't suddenly learn how to survive on their own if released.


chris is right. He could kick you or I in the butt no problem, but if he did the same to a peta peckerhead it would be a hate crime.


Normally I would have a more intellgent comment, but all can say is I bet those people really feel like idiots now.


ha ha idiots


My 16 year old daughter has a friend that comes to visit from time to time. She's a nice girl, always quiet and well mannered. But this past winter she happened to stop by for a visit as I was headed out to go deer hunting. When she asked me where I was going with that "big ugly gun" and I told her what the plan was, she about exploded.
She decided it was time to preach to me the error of my way. Seems she's a vegetarian and a member of PETA. I stood and listened to her for a few minutes when she finally stopped talking and asked why I was smiling? I pointed out her LEATHER coat and her LEATHER shoes and her LEATHER purse and asked her what kind of plant she thought they came from.

She hasn't been back since. Kind of sad about that, I was gonna make a pot of venison chili for her.


This reminds me of the story concerning a Sealion that was "rescued". Some group fished the injured little guy out of the Columbia river, spent many tens of thousands of dollars in resources, food and vets to "rehabilitate" him. Finally the day arrives when they are to release the little feller back into the wild, so they trek down to Puget Sound (so goes the story), with reporters of all types to cover the story.

The do gooders put the sealion into a little skiff to row out away from the shore, followed by their armada of boats recording the event for posterity.
They drop the sealion into the drink and cheer wildly with high fives and toasts to their triumph over nature.

The release ceremony had just finished , the rescuee was indeed swimmimg out to sea. When the festivities were interupted by five feet of black dorsal fin belonging to a very big Orca.
Little saved sealion was devoured immediately.

It seems some people just have to be reminded that nature is bigger than we will ever be.

Mike Diehl

I gotta share a story. My dad's story but he doesn't blog. So... many years ago...

He's sitting in the teachers' lounge at the HS where he teaches and he's mentioned going hunting.

A new hire, female, begins with the yammering and winds up saying something like ".... and you'd go into the woods and kill Bambi's mother and leave poor Bambi orphaned."

To which my dad, with perfect downeast Yankee nonchalance replied: "Who leaves the fawn?"

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