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January 26, 2007

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Woman Saves Husband’s Life in California Cougar Attack

From the Associated Press, as reported on CNN.com:

Jim and Nell Hamm, who will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary next month, were hiking Wednesday in [Northern California’s] Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. . . when the lion pounced.

"He didn't scream. It was a different, horrible plea for help, and I turned around, and by then the cat had wrestled Jim to the ground," Nell Hamm said in an interview from the hospital.

After beating the animal with a 4-inch-diameter log and trying to jab its eye out with a pen from her husband’s pocket, Nell Hamm was eventually able to get the lion to release its hold on his head. A spokesman for the Department of Fish and Game said there’s no doubt she saved his life.



Brave lady, hope my wife is as good! I guess somebody needs to tell the Friends of Wildlife that they're not more afraid of us than we are of them. Unless they are hunted.

Matt Mallery

I think it's a shame the game wardens hunted the lions down and killed them. They were doing what lions do in their own territory. Carry and gun and defend yourself or don't go out there.

Bill  Wiernicki

Good idea, carry a gun when walking in lion country.

David Brumbaugh

If we were allowed to hunt the Mt. Lion we wouldn't have as many issues with them as we do. I think it's pathetic that the lion was killed for licking some old man's head. Are they positive they killed the guilty lion.


Most places do not allow firearms, period. I think State and National parks should allow individuals to carry a concealed weapon,if licenced in any state to do so.

There have been a number of wildlife attacks that could have been thwarted with a Colt .45

Whats wrong with these other commentaries. I mean If they were attacked by a mountain lion I would think tyey would be a little upset .If people wrote crap like that about them.And what do these people mean by It's a shame they killed it.It attacked an innocent man.

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