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January 24, 2007

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Video: Helicopter Blows Stranded Deer to Safety

Sportsmen are usually loath to reference Bambi, but a deer recently stranded on Oklahoma’s frozen Lake Thunderbird looked a lot like the cartoon critter slipping and sliding on the ice. This one, however, never could get its footing, and might have been marooned for good if it weren’t for the operator of a news helicopter who used wind from the craft’s rotor to push the deer off the ice to safety.



I saw the footage on TV. I thought the guy did a great thing. No sportsman wants to see any animal suffer and die needlessly.


UMM why not shoot it, and then go drag it in with a boat. Gosh so much money wasted on a dumb deer that could have been shot and eaten.

David L. Pedigo Sr.

It was nice to see such a kind act done for an otherwise doomed animal. I'm all for hunting,but in my opinion, to have just shot that dear, as another suggested, would have been seen as cruel to the public. C'mon guys. We don't need to give the anti gun and hunting people any more ammo,(pardo the pun),to use agaist us law abiding hunters.

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