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January 25, 2007

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Record Bid: Merganser Decoy Fetches $856,000

An exceptional and rare red-breasted merganser hen decoy made by celebrated carver Lothrop Holmes of Kingston, Massachusetts, in the mid to late 19th century has broken the world auction record for an American waterfowl decoy, selling for $856,000 dollars. Check it out in this photo, courtesy of Christie's Images Ltd.

Merganser Decoy



more money than sense?

Jaime Sayers

I work for Guyette & Schmidt, Inc., who in conjunction with Christie's sold the world record Lothrop Holmes merganser decoy. Our firm is interested in sending you information about our recent auction, which total sales exceeded $5 million. It was the 2nd largest decoy auction in history. I appreciate any information you can provide me with for sending our press release. Thank you.

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