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January 31, 2007

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Reader Pics of Rare Part-Albino Deer

Check out these great photos sent to us by reader Steve Walls, who writes,
"This is something you don’t see everyday."



That’s for sure.
Thanks, Steve.



Deer like that are not called
part albino. They are called pieballed deer


Sorry I'm only 13 and I'm not good at spelling. It should be piebald

Mike Diehl

I'm a hunter but I say "let this one go." It'd be interesting to see what natural selection (absent human efforts to get this one) may do with the genes.

Trent M.

I'm going to be really honest, an outdoor magazine referring to this deer as "part albino" really doesn't inspire much confidence.

Sara S.

Um, just to clear things up here -- there's no such thing as a "part-albino" anything. It either is or it isn't. This is what is known as a piebald deer. An albino deer (of which is extremely rare) is 100% white & has pink eyes, a pink nose & pink hooves. These animals lack body pigment altogether. Piebald deer just have abnormally large patches of white on them - nothing more. Though this "defect" does create quite a spectacular image. I wouldn't mind having one of these wandering around my back yard. Great pics! :)


Yea thats definetly a http://www.piebalddeer.info . Very cool pics by the way. Check out the "unicorns" roaming around in upstate ny http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_TvkB1-XeE


that kid with the piebaled is a retard


piebaled piebald piebald im pretty sure its called a white deer


yeah great pics great pics sara great pics


hey nate they are clearly not unicorns r u kidding i think ur a unicorn


yea i agree with trent

im pretty sure its not "part albino" its a ghost deer right?

get back to me trent <3


If you had a brain you would know that a white and brown deer is a piebaled. It's real man like to call a 13 year old a retard you jack a$$.


yo jimbo

wat r u talking about the deer is white
and its a whitetail deer not a donkey


call me jimmy <3




hey jimbo


This deer reminds me of a condition that a friend of mine has called vitiligo. That's where your immune system attacks the pigment producing cells in a patchy pattern.

Cool looking deer, though.


hey wayne thats a nice comment


hey way to go wayne nice job buddy


i like men do u? wayne or jimmmmmmmy? <3333333333


I was drive home and see a deer in a field i think it was a white tail deer went i look it was a Albion Deer i have the picture of it, it have brown and white on it. I live in Canada so if you send me a e-mail will send you the picture of the Albino Deer

Your Friend Greywolfca


I just saw one of these deer tonight in a hay field. We never ever would think we would see a deer like that he/she was beautiful! We are from upstate NY and thought that this kind of deer would be more up north than up here please right back with some info if you could please. Thank you .


yo i dont care wat its called its a really cute deer and really cool looking. i've seen a lot of cool deer, even one that was really dark and if it were a horse it would be called a bay but ive never seen one like that good job catching that photo!


wow dude thats great

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