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January 30, 2007

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Ithaca Is Back from the Dead...Again


Under new ownership and relocated to the Ohio shores of Lake Erie, the company is once again turning out Model 37s. Let’s hope they stay in business this time, because the Deerslayer IIIs they’re building right now (above, click for larger image) really, really shoot ($959; 419-294-4113; ithacagunsusa.com). At 50 yards with Lightfield Hybreds, my test gun shot groups with all the holes touching. Out at 85 to 90 yards, it shot between 2 and 3 1/2 inches with both Hybreds and Winchester Partition Golds. The DS III has a handsome Monte Carlo walnut stock and fore-end; its fixed, fully rifled heavy barrel is fluted to save weight. Without a scope, the gun weighs about 8 1/2 pounds. The trigger is very crisp if a tad heavy. —Phil Bourjaily



I hope they make it too. The company is turning out beautiful guns. The price point will probably be an issue. My remington 870 express slug gun will shoot as well for a third the money.

Capt Walt

That Ithaca Deerslayer II with the Laminated thumbhole stock is one pretty shotgun.

The only thing that would make it look better is to be hanging on my pickup trucks rifle rack.

Can't wait to try one on Moose with the Lightfield 3" Commander Slugs.

Lifes to Short to own an Ugly Gun

Capt Walt
[email protected]

Rusty Maggio

Where are we going with $1000.00 shotguns?


I've shot my Ithaca Deerslayer Police Special for about 26yrs have taken many Whitetail. Now you're going to maske me take at the Deerslayer III. Maybe just maybe ??? Bob


$1000 is not high for a good shotgun. There is plenty of customer demand for that price. Remington will always be there if you need a less expensive but good shotgun. But a lot of guys want better, and can pay for it.

matt pfohl

What about the 20 gauge upland special with the english straight stock ??? I was just about to buy one when they went under!


While I agree this particular Ithaca is prettier than my 870 slug gun, I don't know that I agree with it being "better". It's a nice gun, but "better". No, don't think so.

Gil Martin

A hang tag price of $959.00 would give me chest pains. I just bought an excellent used Ithaca Model 37 for less than $200.00. Guess where I will shop for an Ithaca 37? The used gun racks are a real bargain. All the best...


Just try one, if only once. I promise that you will never want or need another shotgun in your lifetime!! And you will even have something left to pass on for the next generation!!

Paul Boyer

My 16ga. Ithaca is as good and pretty as as when I bought it 30+ years ago. Great gun, I hope they survive this time.

j.d. kimble

I have an older ithaca,12 ga. I,ve had it since I was 16.I've had other guns that I liked really well, but the old ithaca is my shotgun of choice


Iv got an ithaca fether light 12ga pump. It's the best shot gun I'v ever owned im just wondering how much a new one would cost me? This one is about 25 years old and I would like to get a new one.

Ralph the Rifleman

It sounds like a nicely made gun, but I agree that the $$ may keep sales down. I like a finely made gun, don't misunderstand me on this, but when I can carry a Beretta O/U of very fine quality...verses a slug gun of equal price; I take pause to think about it. The only possible plus to this Deerslayer is it may be worth more in the future if it runs a short production? One never knows with firearms!


I agree the price maybe a problem.
I also agree and hope Ithaca makes a strong recovery, and that they can stick around for an other hundred years.


To survive they have got to set up a dealer network. If that means bass pro and cabelas to make it, so be it. In all of the reincarnations of the last 10 years or so, I've seen two new 37's in the stores. Hard to survive when you arent't getting your product to the people.


Ithaca always made a good product, they were sorta like a ford. They were right up there with Remington. I sold guns in a sporting goods store for about 10 years,and sold a good number of 37's. I never had one to come back. I always wanted one of there 10 gauge Auto's but never had the extra cash to buy one. Also liked the SKB doubles, I sold a lot of 20 Ga. They were short, light and just a good little gun. I hope Ithaca can make a comback. They better do it quick before Hillary becomes President. She's about as anti-gun as they get. I hate to think about the 08 elections will brimg.

Albert Sand

Sorry! Guys even though Ithaca makes a great shotgun, Just cant see spending that kind of $$$$.

Ay least not right now maybe if the price comes down.


for that much $$ you could get a great rifle so wy buy a slug gun?a rifle would do a lot beter of a job from 10yards to 500+ yards.unless your hunting in a heavily populated plase it doesnt make much sense.

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