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January 12, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Are You a Bloody Mess?

From the syndicated column Dear Abby, as printed in California’s OC Register:

Dear Abby: Every year, my husband and brothers-in-law go deer hunting. They always meet at my house for the big hunt. Each year they get sloppier and messier. They leave bloody footprints and pieces of deer carcass through the house and their dirty, smelly clothes in a big pile in the kitchen. They also never wash a dish, plate or utensil they use. . . .

Dear Kay. . . . My advice is to practice a little self-defense. When the next hunting party is planned, schedule a nice vacation for yourself – perhaps visiting family or a warmer climate? And make it plain to your husband that you will be back only after he has made sure the house is spotless.

Check out the full story, then tell us: Would ever leave such a mess for you wife to clean up? And what do you think of Abby’s advice?



All I have to say to these guys is this - y'all are lucky - my fiance'would have gone ape on me and my hunting buddies for leaving the place looking that way. Then she would of thrown all the clothes out in yard along with the deer and made us clean the house or leave and not come back. In all honesty I don't see how she let this happen more than once. If my friends left my house that way it wouldn't be deer carcuss being found around house, it would be peices of their ass.


you said that right if me and my buddies left the house like that my head would be hanging on the wall not the buck.


My girlfriend aka hunting buddy dresses her own kills. Mutual effort to keep the house tidy.
Nate & Joejack have better advice than Abby.

Ralph the Rifleman

The boys need to grow up and keep the igloo cleaned-up if they mess it up! If they met my wife, they would be living in a tent behind the house!


If I left the house like that my wife would skin me. And she'd be right to. Abby's advice is pretty good. Make the boys clean up after themselves. It's only right.

Kristine Shreve

From a woman's perspective, I'll say this. A lot of women are more tuned into mess than men are. Not all men, of course, but some are just less concerned about a little mess.

That said, leaving a mess like that and not cleaning up after themselves and above all ignoring her request to be more considerate is just selfish and wrong. I'd be considering taking a vacation from that guy permenantly.


yet another defintion of SLOB hunter.

jake b

Having or creating a mess of this nature is a product of poor planning. To be a great outdoorsman, one needs to have ethics, foresight, and a plan. Just as in the woods to survive and bag your game, you need these things to finish the job at home and survive. Things can be more dangerous at home than the outdoors with an angry wife!!!


Wow! Blood in the house and his didn't join it! Doesn't he have a shed or a garage?

Warren Britt

There is no excuse for leaving a mess after you process game. My son and I always process our own meat. It's the only way to make sure it's done the way we like it. My wife doesn't like to watch while we do it and she won't eat game meat but she's never asked us not to process it or eat it. The kitchen is as clean if not cleaner when we finish than when we started. The fact that this guys wife doesn't eat meat doesn't give her the right to ask him not to process the meat there. After all it's his house too. By the same token he does't have the right to leave a mess for her to clean up regardless of the fact he's getting paid. She's his wife not his maid. And he needs to make sure his buddies follow the rules or go somewhere else. They both need to be more considerate of each other and grow up and Abby needs to give advice to both sides not just one.

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