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January 31, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Will Wolf Urine Prevent Crashes?

From an Associated Press story in The Des Moines Register:

Testing whether deer can be scared off with real or synthetic urine from predators such as wolves, coyotes and bears was just one of several ideas that officials from eight states, including Iowa, plan to consider this week in Arden Hills, Minn., as they look for ways to reduce the number of crashes between deer and vehicles.

The eight states are pooling their money and brain power to reduce the hazard, which kills about 200 people nationwide each year. . . .

The urine would be placed in canisters set far from the road in the hope that the smell will trigger an instinct in deer to flee.

This raises a number of questions. For example, who's to say the deer will flee away from the road. And, as a reader of the above link asks, "Who's gonna hold the cup for the bears to pee in?" But more to the point: What do you think of this idea?


Trent M.

Sounds like junk science to me...


Won't it just attract other critters to the roads? Like....wolves and bears? :P

Bill P

Sounds squrrilly to me


Here is a silly thought how about extending the hunting season, to reduce deer numbers.


Everyone thought man pee scares deer till it was proven that men can sweeten a fake scrape and will draw deer just like the 4 legged made scrapes. I think it's a waste of time/$.


Don't these scientists have cancer to cure or something?

Kristine Shreve

I'm thinking there are better things on which scientists could be spending their time. I say that even though I regularly drive a road that we call "Deer Death Valley" because so many deer get hit there.

The best way to lessen the number of car-deer crashes is to drive carefully and be alert.

Mark W.

Seems like they would have better luck developing deer guards for the front of cars and trucks...much like the old cow catchers they used to have on trains....seems like it would be easier to do that messing with a bunch of urine and I'm betting thay would have better results.

it might just scare deer in the road


Don't deer usually get accustomed to something different after it's been there a while?

Do you suppose that after the deer become accustomed to the predatory urine smell that they may begin to fall prey to more and more predators, causing a plummet in deer numbers and an explosion in predator numbers?

Alex Blah

This one is a blah

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