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January 30, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Would You Have Saved Perky the Duck?

DuckFirst, a brief, recent, chronological history of Perky the duck:

January 15: A Florida hunter shoots a female ring-neck duck, assumes the fowl is dead, and puts it in the refrigerator.

January 17: The hunter’s wife opens the fridge door; the duck lifts its head and looks at her; she freaks out and tells her daughter to bring the duck to the Goose Creek Wildlife Sanctuary.

January 20: An Associated Press article spreads the story worldwide; the duck becomes known as Perky.

January 23: The Goose Creek Wildlife Sanctuary begins treating Perky’s wounded wing and leg.

January 27: Perky dies on the operating table while having a wing repaired. Veterinarian David Hale performes CPR and resuscitates the duck.

January 28: An Associated Press article reports Perky’s second narrow escape.

(Some of the better headlines:
Injured fowl-feathered friend keeps 'duck'-ing death [Edmonton Sun];
This plucky, lucky duck gets new quack at life [Toronto Star];
'She's alive!': Duck ducks death a third time [Minneapolis Star Tribune])

Today: Perky continues to recover at Goose Creek.

All of this is very heartwarming, of course. But from a hunter’s perspective, is there something a little wacko about all of this? What’s your take?



PETA propaganda is what this boils down to.

The Continental Op

An ethical hunter would make sure his prey was dead. Since I've never been duck hunting, I'm not in a position to say whether the fellow who shot Perky ought to have known the duck was not dead. Perhaps it really wasn't obvious; or perhaps this hunter was careless. But, in any event, I don't see anything contradictory about a hunter, having maimed but not killed his prey, deciding to spare the creature's life and nurse it back to health.

That said, I'm afraid that much of the coverage of the story does feed into anti-hunting sentiment, and the PETA crowd will undoubtedly make hay out of it.


What I want to know is why was a duck sitting ungutted and uncleaned in a refrigerator for two days?

With that said, its kind of a sweet story, but it sure does make hunters look like a bunch of jackasses. (Which this guy certainly was.)


i would of snapped the damn things neck when it came back to life!!


Can't say I'm totally surprised, as we've had pheasants try (unsuccessfully) to fly out of our car trunk when we got back to the house... but I'm with Bryant in asking why it made it to the fridge ungutted.


February 15th, perky is fully recovered and released. After wasting thousands of dollars on recooperating the wounded critter doctors released the duck back into the wild where he will soon be shot by another hunter...

Boar Slayer

dude not only would that thing not be alive; it would already have been digested and flushed down the toilet in little brown pieces

PETA Patriot

Maybe now all you Satanists/hunters will quit harming what God created. Life is meant to live and PETA is here to defend it! Enjoy your last year of hunting infidels! For next year your guns will be taken away! Killing is wrong and you're all going to HELL!!!

Capt Walt

PETA= People Eating Tasty Animals

Well: The So Called hunter must have been Under Gunned. Had he/she been a reader of sporting magizines like Field & Stream then they would have known to use ammo with sufficent killing power to take down the mighty Duck.

It is curious why the duck was put into the chiller without having its viscar extracted? Prehaps the hunter was called away to a higher responcibility and was not afforded "Plucking Time". or maybe the duck was a Shamen had reached Nirvana and was ... nah....,

More than likley the whole story was cooked up (Pun intended)

Most likey it was just a big public relations SCAM by people like PETA to try to pull the wool over the eyes of non hunters.

Yup: Thats the Story & Im sticking to it!

Duck Soup anyone?

Capt Walt

[email protected]

Boar Slayer

To PETA 'pain in the a**' patriot

what are you doing here? this is a hunting website go share you completely insane animal rights crap somewhere else. The bottom line is hunting is vital to keep animals in control were many have the other predators have been made extinct. Also if you read the bible(which i doubt becasue your probably a godless lesbian s-p) but God tells Adam that man is to inherit the Earth and have dominion over all animals. All animals serve a purpose and some are to look pretty while others are to be deep-fried-stewed-skilleted-skewered-grilled-or brioled

The Continental Op

I'm not sure, but I think the "PETA Patriot" comment is a joke.


I was told that PETA meant People Eating Tasty Animals, no? The duck needs plum sauce or maybe an orange glaze. Not half as funny as grouse waking up in the box in the back of the Suburban (and trying to fly around ) when least expected!

Larry Buck

or "Perfect Examples of Total Assholes"

the peta website is a breeding ground for that cuddly shit some call animal rights. no one with a clear concious is welcome there, I've been.


F&S for life, man.
they also fund terrorism


Perky is now living at the Tallahassee Museum. I hope she serves as a reminder of how NOT to hunt/kill animals. I guess the guy didn't know enough to check and make sure she was dead before bringing her home. I don't feel sorry for animals that had a good life and are killed quickly, but I feel sorry for any creature that endures prolonged pain. I am glad she lived to see a better day and enjoyed the story. Call me wacky if it makes you feel better.

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