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January 23, 2007

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Discussion Topic: Should All States Ban Point-and-Click Hunting?

From Illinois’ Post-Dispatch:

You peer at the image of the antelope wandering across your computer screen. Your hand is on the computer mouse, gently guiding the onscreen rifle toward the animal. You wait for it to hold still. Then you line it up in your sights, your finger ready on the mouse button.

It could all be part of some unusually realistic computer game, except for what happens next: You click the mouse — and hundreds, even thousands of miles away, an actual rifle fires a bullet at the antelope.

It's called "remote-controlled hunting," the brainchild of a Texas ranch owner whose startling new venture had barely begun before the Texas Legislature shut it down two years ago. Nonetheless, concern that the concept could still become the next new thing in virtual entertainment has set off a volley of pre-emptive prohibitions in more than 20 states around the country, including Missouri. Illinois could be next.

Is it time for a nationwide ban?


The Great McGinnis

That is the most ridiculous thing I think I ever heard. Who in their right mind would actually want to do that anyway?? Sick people I tell ya...


Not only is this disgusting and redicuals but it is A deep and true insult to any outdoor sportsman/Woman..............Where is there anything ethical about this? And who has the nerve to call it hunting?


This is not as bad as cage hunts. I thought that cage hunts were bad, but man this is crazy. This is taking the word hunt out of hunting. Anyone that would use this should be ashamed. Pull your lazy a** outdoor and really hunt. Hunting is not done at a computer, it's done outdoors. Most of the pleasure of hunting is getting outdoors and enjoying the surroundings.

David Loeffler

The concept has some attraction for a battlefield. It makes sense to me to keep our soldiers out of danger. However, in the sporting field such remote shooting does not seem to me to be sporting.
The originator, I remember, claimed that his idea was to aid the disabled so that they could participate in the hunting experience. If that is truely his intent then setting up a system in the field might be an acceptable way to do it.

Norman Laws

It in no way, not even remotely (pardon the pun), resembles hunting. It's lazy and unethical and the equivalent of playing a racing game on the computor and then calling yourself a race car driver. What a farce. It's a slap in the face to those that truly hunt.

Bill in VA

Ban it.


Hunting is hunting, and Killing is Killing. When will these children learn the difference.

David L. Pedigo Sr.

This was the first time I had heard of this type of hunting. What will they think of next? Remote control skinning and processing with a "virtual knife"? There are lots of resources in the aid of handi-cap hunting. This should NOT EVER be one of them. I know of people in my area that would go out of their way to help someone get out and hunt. Leave the remotes for the computor games...and the TV!

Philip Brown

While I am intellectually and emotionally opposed to the concept of "remote-control hunting" I also know that absolute bans, like absolute freedom, always create unforseen consequences.

Create a general ban and then provide for massive fees to be attached to anything that crawls through a loophole. If the fee for a "remote control trophy" was 1,000 times the non-resident licence fee that should pretty much price the concept out of existence. Talking about ethics will have no effect, anyone that was directly involved in this sort of activity has absolutely no understanding of the concept.


most ppl dont even know were to shoot a deer some one could just wound a deer and it could run off and suffer for days without dieing .plus were is the fun? were is the sportsmanship? were is the fare chase? i just love to get out and and be in the woods and see gods creatures and of course it makes it so much sweeter when you shoot a deer. this computer hunting is giving hunting a bad name. i say ban it.

John From Kimball

I think this is the worst idea of hunting I had ever heard of. I am an avid hunter and fisherman and truly love the outdoors and I would only hope that all states would see this as a true abortion of what hunting is supposed be. What will be next ?




Ban It without a doubt!!!!!!!


i'm a 17 year old minnesotan who has been taught from a young age that hunting is all about patience and sportsmanship. the elements of marksmanship, tracking, and fair chase are all eliminated with this system. if our government does not take action soon, hunting will be ruined for my generation and generations to come. i propose an immediate ban on all computer aided hunting applications.

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