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December 21, 2006

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Video: When Barracudas Attack

Photographer Patrick Ford got a little too close to a barracuda he was feeding in 1986. The fish, nicknamed Smokey, was often fed by divers. In this instance, Ford was making an underwater video. The fish filleted two fingers. One healed fine, the other not so well. Check out the story with video and photos here.


That One Gurl

Can you say "MORON"?


People act like wild animals are cute cuddly little things that theycan have a relationship with. Wake Up!!!!!! Key word is "WILD"!! These are not pets or goldfish you keep in a bowl. treat them with respect or be prepared to lose your limbs or worse.



Heartland Outdoorsman

I agree with the post above!
Wildlife does not exist for our amusement.
Catch them, release them, eat them or watch them.
"Playing with them" isn't on the menu.


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