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December 21, 2006

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Dog Shoots South Dakota Goose Hunter

You don’t see many dog-shoots-man stories, but according to this AP article in the Sioux City Journal, doctors have amputated the upper right forearm of goose hunter Russell Stough, who was injured when his dog stepped on his gun’s trigger.

We’re not looking to point fingers here, and we certainly wish our fellow hunter all the best in his recovery. But for the sake of preventing future accidents, it’s important to note that his story at least appears to graphically illustrate why a shotgun’s safety should only be taken off as you shoulder the gun to shoot, and not before.



Dog shoot man? That's a first time

I have never heard of such a thing!

Lost my long time hunting buddy a few years back when he put his double on the ground to look for his downed quail.
His bird dog came around above him, stepped on the trigger and shot him, fatally.
He had always been a very safe hunter, just takes ONE MISTAKE!

Philip Brown

I was always taught that when you put down a firearm the chamber was empty and the action open. Forgetting that rule is asking for an unintentional discharge.

I hope that the injured hunter is able to make a full recovery and can hunt again.

Russell Stough

I wanted to make a comment in-regards to the hunting accident concernung myself which was misprinted in severals papers. I am Russell Stough and I was involved in the goose hunting accident on December 14th 2006 in Pierre, SD. The real story is, I was waiting for the geese to come in when the person I was with had a dog and I told him to settle his dog down as the geese were flying in, when he grab his dog his finger triggered the gun. I want people to be aware of the correct version of the story as they need to make sure that they set rules with the person/people they are hunting with. It is a good practice that everyone understands that the gun is always on safety until you are ready to shoot. Also, you want to make it a good practice that everyone empties the chamber/gun and also keeps the chamber open when they are preparing the area to hunt or they are involved with something other then waiting to shoot.

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