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December 27, 2006

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Discussion Topic: Does License Revocation Stop Poachers?

For anyone inclined to answer “yes,” first check out this story from the Ohio’s WCPO news:
State wildlife officials say one of their worst poachers is behind bars in Carroll County, charged with multiple counts of illegal hunting.
Douglas Andrews' hunting license was revoked for life in 1993, after he was convicted of poaching deer and wild turkey in southeast Ohio.
He also was accused of running an illegal deer hunting and meat sale operation.
But officials say that hasn't stopped him.
They say the Toledo man used a high-powered rifle to hunt deer, then took only the choice cuts of meat, leaving the remains to rot.
In Ohio, hunters are only allowed to use shotguns and muzzleloaders.
Following his arrest on December 4, Andrews was convicted of one count of illegal hunting and sentenced to six months in jail.
He has pleaded not guilty to 12 additional charges.


Kristine Shreve

Aren't poachers, be definition, doing something illegal? If they are already breaking the law how is making it illegal for them to hunt going to change anything? It seems pretty obvious they don't care about the law, or about breaking the law.

Put them in jail, that will stop them from poaching in the future.


As a court officer, I can say fines and license revocations do not work. In our court we see numberous repeat offenders each year. These individuals have thumbed their noses at the law and I feel that the only to get their attention is to apply jail time and stiff fines. I say forget the civil compremises that the DEC imposes and start treating environmental crimes just like any other crime and punish the convicted individuals to the fullest extent of the law.


License revocation is just step one. Step two (if caught again) is confiscation of their gun, vehicle, fines that are substantial and community service.
Step three is jail, jail and more jail. License revocation should be a federal crime, not just a state by state matter.


Here in Saskabush, Canada if you are caught doing anything wrong your gun is taken away until you pay your fine.
Fines are very stiff too I remember three Qubec hunters who bought Alberta resident tags and not Canadian resident tags.
If memory serves they got fined over $15 000cnd and One of them could have gone to jail althoug memory fails me now.


Lets think about this for one second... Sorry for being a little too obvious here but I cannot help it. Poachers and Licenses...


Jail Jail and more JAIL!!!!!

A. S. Moeggs

Because most of poaching involves the use of a vehicle, why don't the courts suspend the suspects drivers license also. The fear of having your drivers license suspended is typically a good reason not to drive drunk, speed, etc. Besides a lot of jail time, it's one way to take away one's freedom if the suspect is not going to get jail time.Taking away their hunting license dosn't make a lot of sense to me, their not hunters to begin with. What real loss is that to a poacher?

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