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December 21, 2006

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Discussion Topic: Should Feds Delist Idaho and Montana Wolves?

From an Associated Press article in the Helena Independent Record:
The head of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says his agency will start removing federal protections from gray wolves in Montana and Idaho by January, regardless of whether Wyoming has submitted an acceptable plan to manage its own wolves by then.

Wyoming's plan is tied up in lawsuits, and Fish and Wildlife Director Dale Hall said Tuesday his agency is moving ahead with Idaho and Montana, where management plans are already in place.
Defenders of Wildlife, which advocates on behalf of wolves, vowed to fight the move, saying delisting by state is illegal.

Last week, we posted a story reporting that the USFWS had suggested a compromise solution to their standoff with Wyoming, which that state (so far at least) has not accepted. So should the feds move forward without them?


i live like ten minutes from where it was shot =]

i say we go release some wolves in the peta's members back yard and so them just how cute and cuddly they are

shoot the wolves

shoot the wolves


I live in Wisconsin and the wolves are getting to be a big problem. Start controling them now before they are such a huge problem that they lose all public sentiment.

They should start in Minnesota


Delist, PLEASE!

Wolves have long since left their
area of introduction in Yellowstone Park and have had a huge impact on Deer and Elk herds!
Time to control the little buggers!!
Don't be like the idiots where I live in Calif. They protected the Mtn. Lion and they cleaned out the deer herds,now working on the range cattle and coming up on the porch tp eat the family pets.
In the past they have attacked several joggers;sometimes fatally!
Still they are fully protected- don't know what it will take before people here wise up!

Rob Scroggins

Delist and shoot them


I live in Salmon, Idaho. Everytime I go down river and "visit" the spot of the original release site, a cold shiver envelopes my body. Hunting last season was bad. Wolfs answered by bugles, which was exciting, but very unwanted.
To delist the wolf is the first step in repopulating our herds. Many have already taken the first step. SSS. Perhaps if more took the first step, we would't have the problem we now face. Shoot them all.


Sounds like we better "de-list" them before they ""de-bone"us. I Say "DE-LIST" IN "DEFENSE" and as I've seen on here somewhere tonight,...........shoot 'em !!!!
Of course, if they showed up around here, I'd shoot 'em anyway, "de-listed" or not !!!!!

j young

delist now ! every year i hunt there, i see less and less game animals. this year when hunting both idaho and montana ,i saw a pack of 8-10 large wolves. very few deer and elk ! all the locals tell you to shoot them , if you see any !

Dee Dee

Delist and depopulate.
Wolves kill.
It is far kinder to let man depopulate them than let nature's balancing hand of disease and starvation wield them their fate.
Those who advocate to save wolves have not visited the real world. Disease and starvation are not nice.

Philip Brown

Sounds like some of the people advocating de-listing have an 'extermination' agenda. That would be as stupid as reintroducing wolves to uptown New York. Make them a game species and issue permits at an annual rate that maintains a healthy population but does not threaten any one but PETA members and other 'prey' species.

L. Rayburn

It's about time some body pulled there head out of their ass and realized what a threat these overpopulation of wolves are

Gunner Benavente

Shoot them if they can not be moved to a totally safe area.

D. Potter

Like the gentlemen from salmon ID, I to have been to the release sight of the Wolves back into the Selway Bitterroot area. One day we sat and watched a pack of twelve wolves line out over the ridge in front of us at about 350 yds. It was impressive but then you think how much meat it takes to feed that many wolves. Just like the Deer and Elk the populations need to be controlled in some manner. How would you like to have a pack of wolves move into your guiding area where your success is judged by the number of animals your clients see.


In case someone doesn't know, SSS stands for "shoot, shovel and shut up", as I was told by a land-owner in ND.

c miller

TO HKL- Let's you and I get together and trap some of our surplus but protected California mountain lions and ship them to Idaho-Montana -Minn ane help the PETA people control wolfs with humane treatment?
CM Indio


Aw come on guys, wolves are not so bad, they're just wolves doing what any large, ravenous predator does, eat anything it can catch. Unfortunatley, those jackasses who did the environmental impact studies before the re-introduction had no clue what they were doing... and gee, there is not enough game for the wolves to eat and leave healthy herds left in the woods. I think the wolves are just another FED excuse to give nature an STD (stupidity transmited disease). I say we shoot a few bureaucrats and get to the root of the problem. Then we can re-introduce a new disease to the wolves- parvo! Drop samples of it in all of the wolf dens next spring, and shoot the leftovers in the fall.

K . Rucker

Delist the wolves in all states .Make them a big game animal ,issue licenses by state . This would give control back to the states where it belongs . Enough B.S. and interference from big brother . People need to remember wild big game animals are ,WILD . Not domestic pets as the bureacrats think .


Delist . Give to responsibility back to each state to manage. Treat wolves as a big game animal ,let the states manage state big gameand sell licenses as they do all big game .


I live in Lewiston, Idaho and have seen wolves at close range in the North Fork of the Clearwater drainage where I hunt. The land I hunt is owned and worked by timber companies creating great elk habitat. The elk are still there. The main problem facing elk and deer are not the wolves, but the poor habitat. If you want to save the game species this is the first issue. Reduce the red-tape faced by agencies trying to create health forest, control the predators as game species and the game will increase. As far as de-listing it is about time the government seperate Idaho and Montana from Wyoming because these two states have done their jobs and deserve the right to take-over the management of the wolves, as they do other animals. As far as sending Californian cougars here to control the wolves, the wolves love eating cats, but thanks but no thanks we already have plenty. In some areas of the Clearwater country you can take two a year so please feel free to come and hunt cougars with your choice of licensed outfitter.

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