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December 19, 2006

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Discussion Topic: Are You Ready to Give Up Lead Shot?

From Minnesota’s Twin Cities Pioneer Press:
A Minnesota task force examining the future of lead shot says it is inevitable hunters using shotguns will have to use nonlead shot for all types of hunting.
However, in a report issued last week, the task force urged the Department of Natural Resources to take a cautious approach to further restricting lead shot until the hunting community can adjust to future changes.

Two questions: Do you agree that a total ban on lead shot is inevitable? And if so, are you ready to give it up—which may mean paying a higher price for nontoxic alternatives.


Brian Murphy

I hope that the ban on lead shot does not progress any further than it already has. What will happen to skeet, trap and sporting clays if there is a total ban on lead? Is this science or back door gun control? This season I shot a mallard, at about 30 yards, and steel shot dribbled out of its feathers-after a closer finishing shot.


Face it. An all-out ban on lead is coming. With any luck, so is an adequate nontoxic alternative that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

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