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November 16, 2006

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Why Pit Bulls Are Tougher Than You Are

From Scott Bestul, our Buck Tracker ...
Hey Dave, I know I'm supposed to be sending you big bucks. But here's one I just couldn't resist. Testament to a pit bull's tenacity. Ouch.


Hal Herring

Hey Scott,

Nice photo. That porky is feeling none too spry about now, I imagine, even if the pit got the worst of it.
Hey, my ten year old AmStaff- 50 pound pit-- female has attacked seven porkys, been to the vet 7 times for it-- $85-$130 per visit.
Number 6 took out her right eye--actually the quills worked their way up through her palate and into the eye. She has the same problem alot of us do--she keeps doing the same thing, hoping for a different outcome. She has changed her techniques a bit, but it has not helped.
Don't let the vet tell you that dog doesn't need antibiotics after the long de-quilling session. And if anybody tells you you can wrap her in a sheet and take the quills out yourself, bust out laughing!


Hal Herring

By the way, did that dog survive?

Hal Herring again


Thats not an APBT, it's actually a Bull Terrier, a close relative to the APBT. The Bull Terrier's have a high tolerence for pain but they are nowhere close to the tolerence a true APBT has. A famous quote goes "If it aint Pit, it aint sh*t"


Couldn't get pictures at the vet's: two young Rotts that believed that they could kill a beaver. Combined total of 1,500+ stitches. Ouch$$
Never fails to amaze me just how dangerous herbivores can be at close quarter combat.


It is very tempting to say that it's a very heartwarming photograph. But, that would put me into the same mindset as the sick-minded b*st*rds responsible for developing and breeding that kind of monstrosity. This has historically been a sportsman's magazine, and contributed a perpetual trophy to be presented to the best retriever of the year. Intelligent, friendly, sociable companions of the duck blind and upland field. It is difficult to imagine that this magazine's readership has encouraged a re-focus of interest to such stupid malicious creatures!

All animals are unpreditable, but 99 percent of a Pit or any dogs actions are the result of the owner, owners. I have a pitbull going on 11, and I raised him like a family member. I put him away when kids come over, because he gets hiper, and like i said, the are unpredictable, but to do damage 99 percent is the owners fault. My opinion.


Of the million or so readers of Field and Stream, I would expect there would be at least one person who owns a timid member of a Known Dangerous Breed. But, to make such statements requires that the writer be totally oblivious to what appears in the news, and has very limited social contacts. Fortunately, these perceptions and modest intellect will not unseat the Pit Bulldog’s prominent position on the list of Dangerous Breeds.

Apart from my own personal experiences with those who own these monsters, and the tales told by people I have known whose neighborhood was, by same, infested, I have seen at least 3 instances in the news in the last year where a Pit Bull killed someone. Is this your “unpredictability”? On that subject, you have indicted yourself. You are implying that, out of your dog’s 4,000 days, you have knowingly put your family, neighbors, and all domestic animals at risk for 40 days. If your dog causes harm in the future, or if you have a lawsuit pending, this statement can be presented as evidence in court that you are at least negligent as a regular thing. Your statement that all dogs are “unpredictable” for this same percentage of the time is strictly a product of your imagination. When was the last time anyone ever reported a Lab or Golden running amok and slaughtering anyone in the field of view? Fortunately, I doubt that your testimonial will precipitate the nullifying of statutes that outlaw this breed in many large cities and State and Federal public parks!

The Breed Name says it all. Pit Bull. They were bred to fight to the death in pits for “entertainment” and betting. Aggression, tolerance for pain, and an ability to disable and subsequently kill the other dog are the adaptive traits. I would bet my Social Security check that Field and Stream has already received a warning from PETA and other animal rights groups about publishing such a photo and implicitly espousing this breed and all related activities, particularly the mutilation and slaughter of otherwise harmless non-game animals. It does little to separate sportsmen from people who lead their dogs to kill anything available to satisfy some psychosis.

It makes me wonder where the editors are going with this. Let’s see…cheap tattoos, pit bulls; expect articles on "Testing AK-47’s" and "Selecting an Authentic Nazi Helmet", and "Achieve Nirvana in an Aryan Trailer Park"!!! “Got Your Deer Yet?” –A. Einstein.


bigfish, ur an idiot and sound just like one of those tree hugging humaniacs. First and foremost the true APBT was bred to be completely human friendly and insanely animal aggresive. If any dog in the breeding program was human aggresive for ANY reason it was culled and completely removed from the breeding program, pit dogs could not be HA because they needed to be handled in the pit safely. Every so called "pitbull" attack that u see on the news is one of 2 things, first its either a poorly bred animal or its not even a pitbull. I've seen plenty of news headlines about a pitbull attacking someone but when further investigation is completed the dog turns out to be some type of mix that doesn't include pitbull in it at all, so why don't we see that correction in the headlines, ill tell u why because people are ignorent and choose to believe what they want without looking into it.

To me and millions of other people all over the world a pitbull is the best dog to have because of its great stability around strangers and children, if u don't believe me do some research and go to local kennels that breed true to standard APBT'S. I am more afraid of those poorly bred labs and those yappy ankle biters then i ever will be of any pitbull. Truth is people that own pitbulls know what they have and know how to control them, its people that buy shit dogs from puppy factories and don't spend 5 mins in training that are a risk to the public because they think its funny when their little dogs bite someone, until that little shit kills a baby then it will probably be labeled a pitbull and quickly euthed. So don't make comments on a public board unless u actually know what ur talking about, effing fools.


Oh and by the way there's a quote that says "anything ur dog can do, a pitbull can do better". Now i don't think thats 100% true but ill just let everyone know that i have a pitbull and i've trained him to point, flush and retrieve pheasants for me and he does it with ease. And i can easily take that dog down in the swamps and set him loose on a large boar hog and have him go to town, lets see one of ur pointers of labs try that, lol


i agree with BP that dog is not a pitbull, it is a bull terrier. someone needs to learn their breeds of dogs

Gregory Kane

My English Springer Spaniel, who is a bird finding machine, found himself a proky while hunting in SD a few years back, apparantly tried to pcik it up and ended up with about 50 quills in the roof of his mouth. He did allow me to pull each and every one of them out, except the one stuck in the gum between his teeth, but the next morning he had worked that out by himself. It is no surprise that the next day he found himself another, but this time received only about a dosen just below the nose. Those were even more fun to pull out, but we did get every one out of him.

Hal Herring

BP and others,
I just got back from bird hunting, and my pit and I got some huns, put up a bunch of hen pheasants (somebody had been in there before us and gotten the roosters). My dog will hunt anything that you encourage her to hunt, and she is my children's best friend and protector, which would make her my best friend if she wasn't already.
I never encourage anybody-anybody-to get a pit. Sometimes, having one is like having an old outlaw buddy who's the best guy you know in some ways, but is sure to cause big trouble when you go out on the town. They are rowdy, they are trouble, you have to train them exactly right, and they limit where you can take them running because most of them love to fight, and other dogs (esp any of the wolf breeds that are always trying to be dominant) can never seem to understand that they should be left alone.
And if you get bit by one of them , you stay bit, as the saying goes. But the right pit, in the right owner's hands, can be the best dog on earth.

People should try not to criticise what they don't understand. 'Cause you see it on Fox don't make it gospel.



Amen Hal,
A pitbull is not a dog for everyone, shoot its not a dog for anyone if u don't have some experience with a high drive, energetic dog


Whoever made the long anti-pitbull statement is completely ignorant. Go read any website on the APBT to trully find out what sort of companion they are.

To start with, the APBT in tests done by the American Society of Temperment Testing has a more stable personality than a Golden Retriever for example. Go and ask any vet what breed they like to work on and they usually say an APBT or a lab of some sort. Also the ADBA and the UKC (two of the largest dog breeders associations) rank the APBT as #1 with children of all dogs due to their high intelligence, their gameness, and their high threshhold of pain. I took my Blue/Bluenose (beautiful APBT that was double registered) to the park on many occasions to let her play with the kids in the sandbox. Numerous moms got re-educated on what a wonderful dog the APBT can be with children.

When was the last time a lab attacked? How about the woman in England that had her face re-attached, I think (and I haven't done a lot of research) that a black lab is the dog that tore her face off. But you don't hear about that dog since it was a lab, imagine if it had been an APBT, what an uproar that would have caused.

Here is another fun fact as to the sportmanship nature of the APBT and their gameness. What breed of dog holds more records than any other? The APBT! What individual dog holds more records in various dog shows and trials? An APBT, you don't believe me, look up the dog named Bandog Dread owned and trained by Dianne Jessup (www.workingpitbull.com) search around there for the history on this amazing dog. He holds records from sheep herding, duck retrieving, schutzhund (various types), tracking titles, weight pull titles, various obedience titles and high scores, and numerous other titles that were repeated in various events.

Spend about one hour on the internet or in a bookstore research this amazing dog breed, not some inbred unknown stock that gets the "Pit Bull" label in the news and you will see what a truly amazing dog these can be. I have owned Rotts, labs, golden retrievers, lots of mixed mutts, and APBTs. The APBT was by far the smartest and best dog I have ever owned.


that picture makes me feel sick. its disgusting.


Why is this amusing to all you a**holes, you're proud that that poor dog has a bunch of needles is his face??? you're all a bunch of sick minded people, how would you feel if it was your own child with all those needles in his or her face? would you pat them on their back and say "good job for not giving up" or would you stop them? i wish that was you with all those needles on your face, and i wish you lost an eye just like your dog. You dont deserve such a caring dog, you deserve to burn in hell,, its people like you that makes other people look at the breed as "evil" .. if anyone is evil, its you........ GO TO HELL


ur all dumb its not real look closer every pin is the same just some r stretched...complete photoshop


This picture is awful. I understand accidents happen but as for whoever said their dog has had this happen several times is pretty much neglect to a dog. Also, a pit bull is not a breed, it refers to 3 breed: the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.


well I think "brian" and the unknowns are idiots. As for "bigfish" he/she is so right, it the owners fault. to say only a pitbull is unpredictable, any animal or dog is unpredictable. You do anything harmful or unknowingly a threat to "any" animal and it is definatly going to defend itself (like a porcupine- if the picture wasn't made in photoshop. Im pretty sure any well cared for animal doesn't say to itself, I think Im going to chew on that person for a snack. No it is the god aweful morons that breed and make the animal fear and force on them to attack strangers, they are people who should never own any animal I think. I also believe that if someone is attacked by an animal that is a house pet cared for with compassion and love, then it was there damn fault, but I also believe that attacked by animals that are breed to be fearce, then it's fines and jail time for who ever owns it, and the animal should be given a second chance to be rehabilitated and given to caring owners, but truely and only then should there be "no" rehab progress, for the animal to be put down, and that should only be the very last thing. having animals put down these days is way to common as the "only solution" it should only be if after exhausting yourself to find a better solution should that act happen.


WOW! So much anger over a picture. Why is everyone arguing over this poor dogs breed and the owner's stupidity? It doesn't matter what kind of dog it is. The poor thing had a run in with a porcupine! Can't we just say "i hope the dog is okay and got proper vet care. And hope that the owner will keep him away from porcupines? Why does it have to be a Pit argument? If you love pits, okay. If you don't , okay. This isn't a pit argument its a dang picture of a dog that had a bad run-in with a porcupine!! sheesh!


Its incredible how much ignorance runs RAMPANT about pit bulls in general! To say they're all vicious man haters is like saying milk is good for people who are lactose intolerant-WRONG! I've had several throughout the years and have never had any problems! The one & only time I had a "problem" arise was last summer when my neighbor's GOLDEN RETRIEVER suddenly & for absolutely no reason freaked out & bit me right on my face, not once but twice! That's when the "problem" happened. My male, Duke, stepped in between us (surely with the intention to kill the dog that just bit mommy) and kept the other dog at bay until I picked myself off the ground. Duke didn't advance but waited to see if I was okay before turning to the other dog with whatever intention he had but never had the chance to do anything because I grabbed him around his chest & backed him down. I kind of wish I'd let him do whatever he wanted to now because not two days later that damn Golden Retriever bit a 5 yr old child that lives a few houses away. Talk about regrets! Oh, before I forget, for those of you that don't know, those cute & cuddly Cocker Spaniels have been proven to have the highest bite rate of all dogs breeds among those that get professional grooming - that includes those "vicious" pit bulls! Pretty unbelievable huh???


This is a very disturbing picture, even though bull terriers have a high pain tolerance this would be very painful, poor dog, instead of taking photos something should have been done.


I was on this page because I was searching for information on Pit Bulls. I was content to just read the comments but Ive had enough. You people honestly need to go out and read to get your information correct before you spout your ignorance to the rest of us. You obviously are a bunch of uneducated hicks. YOU deserve to be euthanized not the breed (if you even understand what that word means). Want to hear about Pit bulls? When I was 5 years old our family pet our "angel of the dog world" a 2 year old Golden Retriever bit my eye. I recieved 7 stiches and Im lucky I didnt lose it or have any scarring. I want to say now that I have a Pit Bull mix that I drove all the way to North Carolina for and she is the light of my life. She is always willing to please and learn. At 5 months old she already sits,stays,roll over,give paw. 7 of my close friends have Pit Bulls. They are always the most well behaved never jump never bark. Unlike some other dogs Ive met. Some one here even had the tenacity to say theyve never heard of a golden retriever or a labrador retriever attacking. Well now you have moron. I just want to leave one more thing for you to think about. Its a quote from Cesar Millan. For you uneducated people he is a world renown dog trainer and PROUD Pit Bull owner. "In the '70s they blamed Dobermans, in the '80s they blamed German shepherds, in the '90s they blamed the Rottweiler. Now they blame the pit bull." - Cesar Millan. Do you want a little more? The American Temperment Test Society tests many dogs of all breeds and decides how they rate in temperment. Heres the 2007 list of the top scorring dogs for BEST TEMPERMENT : ATTS Scores by Breed
Afghan: 72%
American Pit Bull Terrier: 83.4%
American Staffordshire Terrier: 83.3%
Australian Shepard: 79.2%
Beagle: 78.2%
Cairn Terrier: 70.7%
Chihuahua: 70.6%
Cocker Spaniel: 81.5%
German Shepherd: 82.8%
Golden Retriever: 83.6%
Labrador Retriever: 91.1%
Rottweiler: 82.3%
Staffordshire Bull Terrier: 93.2%
Toy Poodle: 80.9%
Yorkshire Terrier: 80.0%

Like I said originally next time any of you want to run your mouths why don't you do a little research so you actually know what the hell you're talking about.


nigga dayummmmmm, i bet my dog could kill a pit sonnnnn.

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